1 RTR Scotlands Tank Regiment

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Vent_Tube_Tester, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. According to a chap in the 'Soldier Mag' in the letters page, 1 RTR is Scotlands other Tank regiment, with the RSDG being the main one. I agree with the RSDG bit, but as for 1 RTR being Scottish, I don't think so 8O Yes there may be a few sweaty socks amongst them & a bit of tartan table cloths with eyes, dotted about the place. It is a bit like saying 2RTR is the Armoured Farmers, but again they are not, they just recruit from the south, south west of the UK. As 1 RTR recruit from the poor bit of the UK. The chap who wrote the letter is ex 4 RTR, but no-one told him about the amalgamation with the scousers ;P
  2. So should that be Ned Cav, rather than Chav Cav then?
  3. Less of the Cav please......................TWWWAAAATTTT!!! :D
  5. Yes, a bit of a cheek there. 1RTR recruits from the north west; Liverpool, Blackburn, Burnley and also west Yorkshire (Leeds mainly). Scotland also became a recruiting area on the demise of 4 RTR and the 1st inherited the Pipes and Drums from them and now embraces the P&D as a 1RTR function. I think most Scots probably tend to head for the RSDG as it is clearly Scottish by identity but the sensible ones join 1 RTR!!
  6. RSDG? you mean the SCOTS DG I presume. Back to subject. Recruitment to 1 RTR from Scotland has virtually dried up. I understand though that in 2008 there is going to be a massive recruitment drive north of the Border to try to reverse this.
  7. Well it's obvious what should have happend in 92, we should have just got rid of 4 RTR and kept 1, 2 & 3 & everything would have been fine :wink:
  8. Give me a break Tiny, I've only just got used to NOT calling them Scots Greys...!!
  9. Ive only just joined this arrse sry, as for 1 RTR it has always been scouse and always will be (with a splash of Scotsman). At this moment in time they hold all the Aces, however they are a dying breed within 1 RTR (thank god!) :D . the recruitment from Scotland is dying :lol: but the NW flourishes which will once again see the Scoucer's blossoming in The First Royal Tank Regiment as it should be :D . The old 4 RTR members will not let this go hence the introduction of the Tartan Waste Coat for the SGT's Mess, which was voted in by the then RSM (Ex 4 say no more) without the full Backing of the mess, as the soldiers on ERE postings did not know of it untill it was to late and did not get to either back it or veto it. This was not good mess buisness :evil:. they have proved once again that they are not willing to do buisness correctly but do it on the sly as they are frieghtened that they will fail. FEAR NAUGHT!!
  10. So we can take that the Sweaty Socks are a bit miffed that the TRF is not in Tartan 8O
  11. Those of 4RTR were far too honest and up front until they became morally corrupted by having to mix with such questionable people from the north west dole area. :)

    Mind you.... a certain RSM from 1979 comes to mind ........

    Must suck having the same tactics thown back at the other mess members.

    Pity this wasn't posted a few weeks ago, I'd have bought him a drink at the Swanage bash.
  12. So even though Scotland as a recruiting area is a recent "bolt on" how many Scots are in the regiment and how many are joining? Since graduating last year im looking at joining the regulars as an officer, with armoured being an option im seriously considering. The only problem is which regiment.

    Ive been looking at 1RTR, and even though SDG is the main one for me ceremonial roles do not interest me even if a once a year thing. Can any SDG share any wisdom on that side of life? I know theres been a ton of threads asking that question for all guards regiments but i cant find them (im crap with forum searches).
  13. Pacifist - ceremonial not too bad in Scots DG, they also have shorter bearskins due to lack of space inside the tanks - hope this helps.
  14. CC - Its more how often it occurs i was wondering about. I dont mind doing it, drill is another skill to get right, but its not what i want out of joining.
  15. SCOTSDG + Ceremonial??????
    Not sure where you got that idea from.

    Unless you join Pipes and Drums or the stables it is highly unlikely that you will perform ceremonial duties.

    They may have GUARDS in their title but their role has no resemblence to the real Guards or HCR