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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Dooley, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Well I have a few more questions now that my first choise RTR are back on the table for me :).

    These are pritty basic questions and maybe a bit stupid but I am going to ask them anyway.

    1 RTR says it mainly recruits from scotland and north west (e.g. Liverpool) is there a overwelming number of these in the regiment? I was just wondering how the regiment is made up

    Also I read someware that part of 1 RTR combines to form the Combined Arms Training Centre, what does this mean? do 1 RTR still get alot of times on the tanks nowdays and deployments?


  2. The Regiment traditionally recruits from Liverpool and the West of Scotland, but has now begun recruiting nationally.

    There are many more scousers than jocks nowadays at the lower ranks, and about 50:50 in the Sergeants' mess.

    A Sqn is part of the Land Warfare Center Battlegroup which does firepower demos, plays enemy on exercises and provides crews for training future tank commanders. You will go there first and get more tank time than any other regiment.

    RHQ and a squadron just got back from Iraq and another squadron are about to go to Afghanistan.
  3. Cheers for that mate, looks like i'll have to suck it up and endure them then :p also what do you mean Jocks?

  4. Scottish people
  5. Looks like im going 1RTR, dont worry dooley im not scottish :D
  6. Hahaha good man, its not scottish people who piss me off infact I get on well with them and scousers in general but the scouser chavs and idiots who think they are hard...that will be a big challenge for me not to snap :evil: :evil:

    I know we have them everyware but they are a so much more annoying!
  7. tell me about it dooley, i live in essex! ******* surrounded by the bastards lmao when you going in for RAC then mate?
  8. Yeah we have alot here too, just takes someone to give em a good smack and they usually back down hahahaha.

    Starting the app this month but wont be going to phase 1 unitl April 2010 when they get more spots open up :(. But at least I can get the medical and selection out of the way before hand and be all ready for April.
  9. ok cool mate, well i do phase 1 in january 2010 (junior entry) for 42 weeks so il probably start phase 2 in dorset round about same time as you lol
  10. Sounds good mate, we'll probabily meet sometime down the line. If you see someone in black Coveralls with the tag 'Dooley' come over and give me a kick lol.
  11. lmao ok will do :D so i take it your not going juniior entry then?
  12. No mate I am to old now for that, i'm 19 so joining through adult entry.
  13. lol lucky you i got 42 weeks phase 1!
  14. Hahaha yeah but you get priority over places in any regiment :( haha

    Also did you get my PM?