Does any one know if the 1st battalion royal regiment of fusiliers are arms plotting back to the UK at any point this year. I've heard two conflicting statements, one saying they are, another that they're moving but within Germany.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Cheers, Pongo
Not sure if it's this year or next, but they're going to Fally

MOD link to Regt website

2nd will be going to Hounslow once they're finished in Cyprus/rest of the world
Social_Handgrenade said:
2nd will be going to Hounslow once they're finished in Cyprus/rest of the world
Poor, Poor Barstewards that'll be good for retention! What a fcuking (quite literally) shi'ite hole!

I wouldn't wish that place on a dog!
1 RRF are going from Celle , Germany, to Fallingbostel , also Germany which seems a totally pointless move. Its then Tidworth in late 2009, where will be the likely final base- poor sods.
Why they moving to another camp for less than 2 years, seem a fcuk about, but thats the army.

As for 2 RRF, after their spell in cyprus, its off to lovely Hounslow for I believe 2 years, then somewhere else in UK.

Both battalions will be Uk based by 2009, probably permantly. then is it a matter of time til they merge together???
Under FAS every Armd Bde is getting a Light Role Infantry Bn. In the case of 7 Bde this will be 2 R ANGLIAN. Since 2 RTR are leaving Fally, it makes sense to move 1 RRF there and put 2 R ANGLIAN in Celle. This then means that all Amrd units are on the edge of the training area, handy for ranges etc. Moving Light Inf to the training area is just a matter of a few Bedfords, rather than loads of armour rumbling through the villages twixt Celle and Hohne.

The three Queen's Div light role Bns (2 RRF, 2 PWRR, 2 R ANGLIAN) will roulement between Celle, Cyprus and Houndslow.
Staffords (or whatever their Mercian reincarnation is) are due to take over from 1 RRF.

There is no discernable logic to the 1 RRF move. The argument regarding the trg area for Wr, doesn't hold much water since most trg is conducted in STC, Poland or BATUS. More likely a reason are the fond reminiscences of a former Celle CO!

And I would agree that moving for less than two years is both a complete rod-about for the Bn and a good-sized waste of taxpayers' money to boot. Especially as that unit will have to cram itself into the space previously occupied by a Tank Regt, which is considerably smaller, hmmmm, almost the same size as a light role Bn......

But hey, no doubt someone's thought of that....

Roll on the 7 Bde rear area security Bn!
Bitter, Dogmonkey?

Get packing and make sure you tidy the Mess up!!
BedIn said:
Bitter, Dogmonkey?

I dare say that there remain some stains from those dark days of 96......strong lager anyone?

Still, always handy to have a 3 star watching over one's future, even in the face of logic and good sense!
Yup - currently my dad is bigger than your dad.

Fally will be handy for the railhead.

Being light role, with all the non-vehicle maint time on our hands, the Poachers can make much better use of having a town on the doorstep.

No stop typing and pack!! Or the three star will want to know why!
You've gone native my friend?

(Furiously trying to apply polyfiller whilst typing).

And I'm still unsure quite as to how how the 7 Bde trawls bn will have time to settle there at all? Nice for the families in summer I suppose....

Only bitter as there don't appear to be any 'daddies' in the pipeline either. One did offer himself up but then you are well aware of the elite decision-makers out there and the Magoo-like myopia which exists in the capital!
Ah yes, that one long boozy lunch that is RHQ.
I spent five of my best years at Cavalry Barracks Hounslow, I loved the place, plenty of friendly pubs and the locals loved us, does Big Kim and ten pence Tina still get in the Earl Haigh.
HackneyE8 said:
yaaay me because i'm going catterick 19th october and if i pass i wont be happy with being in germany
My god whats todays youth coming to i did a course in germany as a stab and would have signed on there and then if i could have stayed.

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