1 RRF Officers Mess in BATUS

Disturbing news is reaching my ears to the effect that 6 (yes, six) officers from 1 RRF assaulted a Commando helicopter pilot in BATUS this week. It seems that the CO has tried to cover it up, to no avail. Tales of a certain Company Commander holding the pilot down whilst another 'brave' individual began kicking him in the head...

Tut tut. No wonder their preferred method of interrogation is using MHE if this is the sort of example the leadership is setting...

I'm surprised they had the time to be honest, would have thought that this week was a pretty busy one in BATUS. :?


Is there anymore to this scandal..........or should we just add on bits which we fancy?

I heard they male raped him.
I think its rather typical Fusilier behaviour really.

And it would not have been such a 'scandal' if it had been 6 Fus's or JNCO's had been accused of the same thing
RRF do not seem to be having much luck these days.I remember some years ago,a certain officer from that lot,who kept his head down during a contact,and his blokes shot at ours,as we were trying to sort his situation out.He carried on in the army,for some reason!
No doubt the photographs will be in 'The Scum' just as soon as the RRF's local branch of HappySnaps have processed them...

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