1 Royal Irish, Tern Hill

We are posted to LAD 1 Royal Irish in September! Does anybody have any info on the Unit and quarters etc. Despite endless hours of searching there does not seem to be much info out there! :(
Was posted there in 99, only lasted 6 weeks and I found a way out as it wasn't what I wanted. Quarters are/were straight across the road from camp and were quite good probably one of the best i've been in to be honest. Not much in way of anything apart from the one pub (Stormy Petrel??) within walking distance. If needed anything it was a trip into Market Drayton or if want a bigger town then its a trip to Shrewsbury, Telford or somewhere else. I was there with the Staffords who mainly shot off home as soon as they could so the place was a bit of a ghost town then.
Don't know if thats of any help but as above I'd ring them up and ask.
Good area and the quarters are ex RAF so a bit better than the normal Army Quarter of old but not as good as the new builds we are now getting. The local area is great most locals friendly just avoid the young farmers in Market Dreyton out for a fight night!!,


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