1 (Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry) Signal Squadron

Is anyone on Arrse a member of 1 (RBY) Sig Sqn? Are they a decent unit? Would you recommend them? What is the training / exercises like? Early next year I'll be moving to Milton Keynes and I'm looking for a unit to transfer to. How easy is it to transfer into a signals squadron from a non signals regt? How much technical / trade training would be required before I would be of any use to the sqn?

Thanks in advance.
1 Sqn is an excellent unit. The TA soldiers there consist of a good number of commited, experienced and well trained soldiers across the ranks including officers and compared to other Signals TA units i have served at there is a lower ratio of poor quality soldiers, although there are still some.

The unit as a whole offers good prospects and 'something different' for those committed soldiers that show ability for both soldiering and communications. All training is taught at all levels, as in any other unit, however 1 Sqn is better resourced and manned (including instructors) than any other TA Signals unit that i have experienced.

1 Sqn offers unique opportunities for pursuing both a varied and interesting TA career or something more for those with the time to commit and the wish to follow a full time military career doing a unique job.

It sometimes suffers from the same problems as other TA units e.g. once in a while drill nights are poorly attended but generally it is far better than most. Notably, most TA soldiers at 1 Sqn tend to have a good attitude, although there are some that moan but these are generally poor attenders.

Transferring or joining for the first time is easy, just ring 01908 638512 or turn up for a drill night on Tuesday nights, 19.25Hrs. If you have rank or transferable skills then mention them.

You could be of use to the squadron within 6 months. How much use depends on your ability and capacity to learn.

There is also a rifles unit in MK and the contact I have had with them has always been positiive but the guys that have come across from there have said that there is more potential to do military training and more varied military training at 1 Sqn than they had at the Rifles surprisingly. This might be true as we are well resourced due to our role, but then i don't know how much they do.

You've had enough initiative to post this so come along and see some of what 1 Sqn can offer.
The contact that I have had with this Sqn has always been positive. Their Junior and Senior NCO's have always acted in a competent and professional manner. The nature of their role does mean better resourcing which lends to a more cohesive unit.

From my prospective I would encourage you to join this unit.

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