1 Round, 100 People

So while I'm sitting at work, one of the girls had a pretty bone, but interesting question.

If you had one round (gat and caliber of your choice) and you had 100 people lined up head to head, took a shot point blank in the side of the first persons head. How many people would get the good news?
Ask her to post some pics of her tits on here, then I'll take her seriously.

(They better be decent and not HRH Duchess of Cambridge flatbeds).
With a .50 I guess no3 in the queue would have every reason to be shitting himself?

disclaimer..I am not a weapons expert.
They did this in the house clearance section of Schindler's List.

Lined up one behind the other then shot with a Mauser, took the first 4 or so out IIRC.

Dunno how accurate this is but I did read that Mauthausen staff used to love tying 2 people together and blatting them with one round.

For the economy of the Reich as well as viel spaß.
120mm WOMBAT - All of them, and me too probably

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