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:?: hi everyone, i've been lurking round these forums for a few days now and wondered if anyone can answer a couple of questions, well i passed selection :D and im guna be joining the Rifles, ive got my intake day for catterick on 20th april (any one else starting then?) and im really hoping to join 1Rifles the commando brigade however im not to sure that i will have a choice in which battalion i would like to go to, and that it will be chosen for me.
So if anyone can tell me the "probability" of me getting into 1Rifles it would be very much appreciated thanks.
P.S i'm sorry if this is in the wrong section or has been posted thousands of times before.
Yes you should get your choice of bn, i did after i passed the CIC @ITC(C).
however if one BN is undermanned or overstretched then you may be put where you are most needed.

I should imagine that you will get your first choice so that you are with local lads from your area.

Hope this helps
I got told im aloud to chose witch rifles i join i want to join 1 rifles aswell. You have to tell them at basic my ACIO told me.

oh just a quick question how long after your selection did you have to wait to get a date?
i waited just over the weekend, left selection on a friday found out date on the monday, but a couple of lads found out there and then at selection
short-a-s-s im starting at catterick on 20th April as well :D

as far as im aware anyway, passed selection yesterday, about to call my recruiter now.

Royal Green Jackets, Rifles

i just finished making a poster sized table for my 4 week PT timetable given in the prep pam given at the interview when i was at the ADSC.

about to go pick up some scaffolding from a mate to make a swing like structure in my garden in order to do the pullups.

thanks for the well done :D

also just called my recruiter and hes pretty sure it will be the 20th April :) so now im not only excited but nervous as my body is still raw and sore from the selection.

yeah i no how ya feel lol after selection i was just happy to go to bed :wink:
looks like we'll be seeing each other during training then, am looking forard to it but abit nervous over a few things but ahwell should work out fine in the end, im curious to know if cattericks much of a different place compared to pirbright?

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