1 Rifles.

Hello everybody I am planning on joining the Rifles (hopefully 1 Rifles) and I know that they are part of 3 commando brigade but was just wondering when out on ops with the Royal Marines as they are now do they end up with the shit jobs? so that the Royal Marines do more...just say combat stuff? this may not be the case at all I am just curious as I do want to get into the really thick of it on ops as I'm sure most people gong for the infanrty will also want to so I will asume you know what I mean . So any body who can tell me I would really really appreciate it. Cheers :) !!!
1 Rifles is an infantry battalion and would be used as such on operations, Helmand is a very large province and im sure they are provided with as much action as any other unit out there. Very much the same with the Royal Irish and 16th Air Assault, they got as much combat as the Parachute Regiment Battalions out there. Its just lower profile, ie. not in the media as often.
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