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1 RIFLES freedom parade - Devizes 2 Jun


Kit Reviewer
120 soldiers from C Company 1 RIFLES will be marching through Devizes today, along with a contingent of veterans from the RGBW, DERR & Wiltshire Regiments, to exercise the freedom of the Town given to the Wiltshire Regiment in 1949 and passed on in succession to the RIFLES. The RIFLES will march into the Market Place at 1130 (using that silly Light Div quick march no doubt) followed by an inspection by the Mayor and presentation of a freedom scroll. The veterans (using the far more sensible heavy drill) and RIFLES will then march to the War Memorial in Long Street at noon. The Mayor will take the salute and the parade will finish on the Green.

I'm dusting off my blazer and DERR tie and dragging the family along to swell the crowd and support the soldiers of Wiltshire's county Regiment. Hope to see some of you there.
Sorry to have missed the parade in my local town, I am sure there was many a spectator. I went to Remembrance Sunday last year and it was a phenomenal event, around 1,000 people on parade. Hope many a pint of 6X and Henry's was drunk.

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