1 Rifles commando course.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Tiddle, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Looks like they are doing a sweep for volunteers for 1 Rifles (Published on part one's today) from our BN.

    I have been thinking of going across but I've got a few questions that no-one seems able to answer! (have done a search but cant find a deff answer!)

    1) Has the Commando Course been confirmed? I saw an article stating the BN were just going to be brew bitches for the RM! See here.

    2) If the BN do go commando will the recce platoon have to do p-coy? (As I'm led to believe the RM commandos do)

    3) When are they due to move down to Chepstow?

  2. Commando unit Recce Tps/ISTAR groups dont do P Coy. And seeing as we don't drink brews we dont use brew bitches!
  3. You dont drink brews?! Why ever not?

    I know, I know wets..... what I want to know is why you call pouches -- pooches?? Now thats a bit gay isnt it?!
  4. They drink wets as I believe.
  5. If you do commando course that is counted as an arduous training course and therefore you would go on and do the jumps course without P Coy; if the government weren't siht canning the jumps course and Para-pay to save money for their gold-plated pensions!!!
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Where did you get that gem from ?
  7. There would be uproar..........airborne forces would burn down the town hall...............

    I know Gordon Brown is stupid......but even he is not that stupid
  8. Somewhere on this site there are several threads about the Treasury pressure on MoD to cut costs and the stress being placed by operations on the RAF Herc fleet meaning that there were not enough airframes for operations and rather than buy more, simply use the ones fitted for Para role.

    It is Saturday morning and I am far too lazy to use the search function to find the threads.

    I believe the outcome was that a few BPC's at Brize were binned, but the threat of no courses for 2 years was withdrawn by MoD claiming that it had only been one of many ideas to save costs.
  9. Recce troop dont do P coy but do the jumps course if required. The powers that be say if your a bootie you have no need to do it to gain your wings, all the other lads in 59, 29 etc with para wings and Cdo daggers have had to do P coy and the AACC.

    It seems daft to me that if your in the Rifles reece trp and you have your cdo dagger and need to get your wings you will have to do P coy....so you'll probably have to.

    Go for it.
  10. You'd be a 'wet bitch'
  11. A "wet bitch" you say? Sounds like a bad day in the state penitentiary!
  12. No they havn't, the rules are the same irrespective of if they are RM or Army, AACC is sufficient for entry to the BPC.
  13. ...because, AGAIs Vol 2 CHAPTER 043 says:

    43.220. Initial Parachute Training

    a. General

    (1) Volunteers for service with The Parachute Regiment, 5 Airborne Brigade (sic), and relevant TA units carry out Pre Parachute Selection training (PPS) at ITC Catterick. Volunteers for service with Special Forces, Regular and TA, carry out their own selection process which is the responsibility of HQ DSF. All personnel are then sent to No 1 PTS for their Basic Parachute Course (BPC).

    (2) Those personnel serving with RM and selected Army units in support of 3 Commando Brigade (with a parachute requirement) who have already passed the Commando Selection Course, in lieu of PPS, are eligible to attend the BPC.
  14. ![/quote]

    You dont drink brews?! Why ever not?
    its called a wet, scoff is scran cookhouse is galley there's loads more like gen essence eyebrows queens on stagging on side thats all 3 rifles and 6th rifles did on herrick 5 at sangin and bastion

    I know, I know wets..... what I want to know is why you call pouches -- pooches?? Now thats a bit gay isnt it?![/quote]
  15. I stand corrected sir, when did this change? I always thought it was daft if an army bloke did the AACC then he had to do P coy to get his wings.