1 Rifles brigaded under 3 commando??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Xander, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. if 1 Rifles were brigaded under 3 commando, what would 1 rifles role be?
  2. msr

    msr LE


  3. mobile bath and laundry unit
  4. rifles brigade will be started in feb07 by incorperating some light infantry, but its said that 1 rifles, may be put under3 commando's royal marines and i was just wondering, if that were to happen, how would it affect 1 rifles and what would they do, i know 1 rifles will have to do aacc and will get the green baret for it, but still what you think their duties will be?
  5. they will be a fourth battalion withing the brigade and would help with the undermanning that the marines currently have!
  6. and they best learn how to shower!
  7. 1 Rifles are already down to wear a green beret, just the better Rifle Green variety.
  8. what the one they dont have to earn other than doing basic training stacker

    we had a Green Jacket MFC come to join the battery in Poole nice lad scraped thru hi Naval Gunfire course but couldnt pass the Commando course for love nor money

    It does iopen a interesting problem for the head sheds though as the all arms is 6 weeks long and thats if they condense it to get a battalion thru and what happens when guys fail or the ones (and i mean no disrespect) that will never pass!
  9. If 1st rifles go thru' the commando course in say coy strength then I suspect that 99% will pass. The Poole bty went thru as a unit in the early '60's when going 'green' and they whole lot passed except for the chief clerk who only had one lung working and was old anyway.
    [mind you, most of us had done P coy so it was fairly easy :D ]
  10. different army now to the one you left exile if i was that easy we wouldnt have a 30-40% pass rate on the course

    I did P Compnay first too then 3 weeks later went on the all arms i was fine fot the first part then caught a virus cos my immune system went down the pan and hung out my arse for the last two weeks!!

    Although question for you Exile if you can remember that far back!! lol

    What gave you the better buzz getting your maroon or green beret?
  11. I am sure the courses are much the same as they ever were........... P coy -v - commando course has been aired before on arrse. I will just say that I never met a fat para when serving with 16 Bde :D
  12. I expect that most of the troops will be capable of passing the course with the build up training they will be getting. The ones that aren't will simply transfer to one of the other rifles battalions and be replaced by lads from those batallions. I know a lot of lads from what is currently 2LI are very keen to transfer.
  13. Hmm. A couple of crow cap walts brandishing their army and navy store issue commando daggers and giving each other the thousand yard stare.

    Gotta admit as an ex Green Jacket I feel truly humbled. I bow to your superior soldiering. Hmm which beret to wear to work today, maroon or green. Choices choices.

    Sorry is this a private piss take or can anybody join in?
  14. There are 5 Bns in the Rifles, not forgetting the prospect of transfering from other capbadges, I am pretty sure they can get a Cdo Bn out of them.

    The six week bit, does it matter about the time? The Commandoisation could take longer, as long as all the ticks are in the boxes.
  15. Normally i dont rise to this sort of thing, however nothing walt about me Tazzer and i wasnt asking about something as gay what beret to wear but asking some a simple question about what course they got the best buzz from passing.

    And as for being a crow not an expression reallly used in the artillery but i think after serving 22 years i am above crow status!!

    Green Jackets we had one of your finest come to my unit and he failed the All Arms Commando course twice and seeing as the Commando course is little more than what you guys go thru on advanced infantry training when you pass basic training I'll say no more!

    One last comment and then its rant over my regiment has been involved in every operational tour since the Falklands in 1982 can the Green Jackets boast the same?

    I'm guessing not but like I say nothing personal!