1 RHA in the news

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by goatbagthedruid, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. Good to see 1 RHA in the news - LINKY.

    Shame the Army website called them 1st Battalion the Royal Horse Artillery instead of 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery - I nearly split my tea on my Telegraph when I saw it! I think the Army webmasters needs to have words with themselves! Standards!

  2. Seconded! Nearly there boys !

    Any man who attemts water rescue with out a life jacket but keeps his Osprey on is definatly hardcore!
  3. Oh dear another faux pas,
    Warrant Officer Second Class (WO2)

    Can just hear him shouting 'I'm not second class anything!'
  4. Don't tell me they had another swinger as usual
  5. Welcome back 1 RHA!LINKY

  6. There has been plenty of Mess fines this week with various members of the Regiment returning home and being in the media, ranging from The Scum, i mean Sun all the way up to the dizzy heights of The Andover Advertiser and Meridian News. Anyway, welcome back boys.
  7. The bloke in the article is REME posted to 1RHA, pictured whilst attached to the HCR.

    Well in the Gunners.
  8. If it's the one on the MOD article I attached the LINKY to, then he is definately a Gunner - cannot find the Sun artilce, can anyone add it?

  9. Really? You'd better tell him to stop wearing that REME TRF then. You might also want to ask him why he's been masquerading as an AQMS and how he managed to get onto a tiffy course.


    Thick as two short ones, you lot. :D
  10. I know him quite well, he is most definatly REME serving as the AQMS in 1 RHA. Top bloke, even though he has to many badges sewn on :p
  11. Many thanks.


    I am talking about this LINKY - he is definately a Gunner - check out TRF and cypher; which LINKY are you talking about?

  12. Think wires are getting a bit crossed here
  13. Your initial post, the one you started this thread with. The one that links to the story in three out of the four links on the page, at the time of my first post on this thread. The same story that I later provided another link to, in my reply to you.

    Shall I draw a picture?