1 RGJ Shoulder Titles?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Crunchie, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. Sister found a 43rd&52nd Shoulder title whilst out walking near Pewsey.

    I know the 43rd and 52nd where later the Ox and Bucks LI, later the 1st Bn RGJ.

    I take it 1 RGJ wore this as a shoulder title or does it pre-date the RGJ?
  2. On 1/4/1958, following the 1957 Defence Review, The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry was transferred from the Light Infantry Brigade to The Green Jacket Brigade, & was renamed as the 1st Green Jackets.
    On 7/11/1958 the other two regiments of the Brigade were renamed as The 2nd Green Jackets & The 3rd Green Jackets::

    1st Green Jackets (43rd & 52nd)
    2nd Green Jackets, The King's Royal Rifle Corps
    3rd Green Jackets, The Rifle Brigade

    Wearing the Brigade cap badge of a Maltese Cross bearing a bugle horn, within a laurel wreath & with crown above, the three regiments were distinguished by their shoulder titles –“43rd/52nd”, “KRRC” & “RB”.
  3. As far as I can recall, 43&52nd black metal epaulette title was worn from the time , 1957,when Ox & Bucks became 1 Greenjackets until the large regiment (RGJ) was formed in 1966

    The other epaulette titles in the brigade were KRRC (2GJ) and RB (3rd)
    but all three regiments also wore, on BDs, the cloth shoulder title Greenjackets.

    If my memory is at fault, I'm sure someone will correct!
  4. edited original post - see above
  5. After the formation of the 3 Bns of the Royal Green Jackets, the shoulder titles worn were RGJ and not the Ox and Bucks, KRRC and RB.

    However, the Bns did hold some of the history of the old Regts, and I specifically asked to be posted to 2 RGJ (later 1 RGJ) because of it's history as KRRC.

    Unfortunately all gone now. 300 years of history down the shitter.

    Good luck to The Rifles.

    Once a Rfn always a Rfn
  6. My memory may well be at fault, :(

    Can any old & bold from the mafia tell me if the cloth shoulder title was GREENJACKETS or GREEN JACKETS?
  7. My profile picture is of a shoulder title that I wore whilst in 1RGJ.
  8. This is a black metal badge. Does this mean it is pre-1966?

    Thanks for all the replies.
  9. I did hear a story that for a short while after the prescribed date in 1966 2RGJ still wore their KRRC shoulder titles and rank badges but were brought into line when they were posted to BAOR from the Far East. It might be a myth but I did hear it from a few people who were around at that time.
  10. Yes it does, ran from 1958 to 1966- well to be pedantic, until 31 Dec 1965 :) ;

    Thank goodness the Wiki entry on the RBs agrees with my memory of the spelling (Greenjackets- one word) Thought my memory was going!

  11. There was a photo on the Daily telegraph about a month ago relating to the 20th Anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall and accompanying it was a photo from 1961 when it was being erected. It featured a L/Cpl. of 2nd Green Jackets in BD's and the cloth shoulder flash was quite distinctive and read "Green Jackets". He still wore the old metal KRRC shoulder titles though. In fact the term "Greenjackets" ie. one word, was never used in the Regiment.
  12. Don't know, but 2RGJ held on to the (dead sexy) black cap badge for a long time. Finally went the way of all flesh when we reduced from 3 Bns to 2 in Jul 92.
  13. I think you'll find that the old Regimental references on uniforms and elsewhere were abolished within the new regiment in 1968, the thinking from the Black Mafia being that as reductions in battalions were in the offing it would not be fair if all references to just one of the antecedent regiments were to disappear leaving the others still in use. To that end at some point in 1968 the title "2nd Bn. The Royal Green Jackets (The Kings Royal Rifle Corps) was discontinued and the Bn. was henceforth to be know only as "2nd Bn. The Royal Green Jackets". I believe that it was at that point that the red piping around the rank stripes and badges was finally discontinued in the 2nd and was then only to be seen on the Bugle Majors full dress uniform (the great Colin "Nosher" Green of course!) I remember seeing a C/Sgts 2 Dress jacket hanging up in a stores in Catterick in 1974 still with the old badges on it, and a rubber-stamp in "A" Coy office still bearing the old KRRC sub-title was still in use years later to the annoyance of Regimental Headquarters.
    I'm delighted to see that The Rifles now wear red-piping around the collar on their No.1's and that Silver has replaced Gold on the stripes and badges, much more Rifleman-like! :wink: :wink:
  14. A bit unfair I think. People would have been saying exactly the same thing in 1966. It's just a process of change and we have to get used to it. Meanwhile RIFLES goes from strength to strength: as Swift and Bold as ever.
  15. Jaeger I have to say that the number 1 dress of The Rifles has brought a smile to the faces of my dad and many of his fellow 2RGJ/KRRC cohorts. All have said that apart from the rivet in the hat it is very 60th like. :wink: