1 Regt HAC RHA circa 1951

Hi there. I wonder if anybody out there could help. I am researching my father's National Service record.

After he did his full-time National Service, in 1951 he transferred into the reserves, and into 1 Regt HAC, RHA.

I know this was a territorial unit at this stage. What I am unclear about and I am hoping somebody would be able to help me with -- is the badges and arm titles/formation flashes the unit would have worn at this time -- as the HAC and RHA have different cap badges.

I don't even know for sure that 1 Regt HAC was then an artillery unit - as I know the HAC at various times has had infantry units.

If any one can help - I'd be very grateful :D

Julius 21
Can't help directly, but my Grandfather was in the HAC during the war...well they introduced a D and E battery made up of 'outsiders' which he was in.

I've been researching his wartime record and the archivist at the HAC was very helpful. His details are (The Archivist, HAC, Armoury House, City Road, London, EC1Y 2BQ; Tel. 0207382 1541; e-mail: jarmstrong@hac.org.uk):

The wikipedia site is quite good as well..bit of searching might get you the info you want.

If Your Father was a member of the HAC (there is a difference between a member and those people who served under it's name as I was told) then they are usually very interested keeping records.

The HAC was mainly infantry (which word wasn't around when HAC came into existence), but that later had an artillery element.

Suggest you check the wiki entry which is broadly correct.

Cap badge for him would have been as per RA but with motto 'Arma Pacis Fulcra' rather than 'Ubique' also thin blue band on cap within broad red band
Thanks very much for this.
I am glad the archivist was helpful to you. I did contact the HAC, but unfortunately he's now emigrated to New Zealand and the HAC are "between archivists".... So I may have to wait a bit before anybody there replies! :D

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