1 rby sig sqn ( ta)

stabsig said:
anyone got any info on these lot/ thinking of transferring over. Any feedback welcome.
post on the scaley forum. There are both regs and TA in the unit.
Good unit to work for. Been deployed with some of the lads from 1 RBY. Its got both Reg and TA soldiers in it. From what i can remember when i asked bout it, the TA do the same course as the Regs. They get all the gucci kit. Go for it.
Squadron is currently made up of two troops, one TA and one regular, both based at Bletchley in Milton Keynes. Hierarchy is a mixture of TA and regulars. Regular soldiers wanting to join the unit as SC (Special COmmunications) have to attend a selection week and those that pass then go on to do the SC course (approx 5 months). TA soldiers in the unit do not do the SC course by default however, subject to passing the an assessment (format to be confirmed), it is possible for TA soldiers to do the full SC course and join a higher readiness troop. More info on the Sqn can be found at:


I can confirm it is a good unit to work with (there again I am biased) and as with most TA units they are always looking out for good operators, technicians and support trades.

If you want more info pm me.
Remember, there is more than one SC sqn in the UK (and I don't mean 63)... have a fish around for what else is out there... You may be surprised.
There are other units within 2 Bde that have special taskings such as 2 Sqn and 31 Sig regt as well as the SF side with 63 Sig Sqn but there is only one Special Communications unit (SC) and that is 1 (RBY) Signal Squadron (SC).
Actually the denomination SC stands for different things... while 1 RBY do have an special communications role, the other regts/sqn's mentioned have a strategic comms role and are also designate as SC sqns. Standard mixing of Army acronyms i'm afraid...
Sure but SC in the Special sense, is reserved for Special Units - hence R3. Look forward to a great deal of INt'l opportunities with 1 Sqn, an excellent Unit for the bright aming you.

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