1 R IRISH to deploy to IRAQ - Again!

BBC Newsline NI just announced that 1 R IRISH are to deploy to Iraq in the New Year. The news was given to the Bn as the CO addresses them prior to breaking up for Christmas leave.

The report also stated that the news "was NOT well received."

Anybody else hear anything?
No great shakes........some trickle posted personnel especially Int and Medics are already looking forward to their THIRD tours.................... You could argue that they dont do Inf work.......but Int do the FHTs and no Inf Coy is without its Coy Medic. :wink:
Aren't QDG out there for a second time at the moment? Not to mention the number of pers cross-posted and sent out again. What's the whinging about? After all, they aren't on Buff's hit list, are they?

You are correct they are not on Buff-hoon's hit list. (Certainly on Gerry & Martin's though)

I was meerly reporting the fact of what had been reported on the news. I'm certainly not whinging on 1 R IRISH's behalf. But spare a thought for all the Paddy's lined up being told to enjoy Christmas leave... oh by the way you will go to Iraq in the New Year!

Any wonder it went down like a lead balloon! Excellent man-management or is people management in these PC days!

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