1 R Anglian - Return From Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by henrywicks, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. On 26 Sep the Daily Telegraph published an article about what if any plans local councils had for welcoming troops returning from operational tours in Iran and Afghanistan:


    Not too encouraging.

    Well my old mob, 1 R Anglian return at the end of this month. They have had one hell of a tour. In addition to nine soldiers killed, they suffered 114 casualties of whom 72 have been serious enough to be flown home to the UK for treatment. To mid Sep, they had fired more than half a million rounds and claimed more than 800 Taliban lives.

    I thought the ARRSE community in East Anglia would appreciate having the opportunity of welcoming the guys home and letting the country know that there are many of us who appreciate what they have been through. I hope that Regimental HQ will not mind me plagiarising their note thus:

    “The 1st Battalion will exercise their right to the Freedoms of Norwich on 22 Nov and Bury St Edmunds on 23 Nov. Shortly, a campaign will be launched to ensure that the Vikings, who have done us all so proud in Afghanistan, are welcomed home in a manner befitting both their deeds and their sacrifice. At this stage the Regimental Family are requested only to diary the dates and consider how they can personally contribute to ensuring that both parades will be truly memorable for our soldiers. A Regimental Call to Arms will follow.”

    I do hope that all servicemen returning from Iran and Afghanistan have an opportunity to be appreciated, not just by their friends, families and old comrades, but also by the community at large.

    Not so much a case of "Your country needs you", more a case of "Your country thanks you"

    A proud ex Viking

  2. hear hear well done the Vikings.
  3. Well done the Vikings!!!!

    Maybe if there was a better understanding of the conditions, the daily contacts etc, that the lads in Afghanistan were having to endure each day. then maybe more of an effort to welcome them back would be made by the general public.

    As someone who has spent time in that sh&t hole, I can confirm it is the unwashed sphincter of south asia, and let me tell you there is lots of competition in that area!!
  4. Well done and welcome home lads!
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Well done all concerned
    I remember after Granby people were falling over themselves to be assosiated with the forces
    There was meals and civic receptions,free tickets for the FA cup semi final at Wembley and discounted holidays to Florida etc
    All you had to do was prove you had actually been on Granby(as per a few walts tried to cash in)
    It would make soldiers feel a bit more appreciated if some off that went on again
  6. Well done the Vikings!

    Keep us informed, Henry.
  7. Our Son who is one of them (1 Royal Anglians that is) came home yesterday. Well done all of you!!
  8. Saw the segment on the ITV news last night. Cpl with a GSW to the arm - possibly one of the luckiest men alive and I want to know who he fancies in the fifth race at Doncaster BTW - and back fully in the swing already!
  9. My son (also a Viking) is due home Saturday week and my family and friends will all be there to welcome him and the other Vikings home. They have had one hell of a tour out in Afghanistan.

    I am extremely proud of what they have achieved, them and others like them.

    My condolences go out to all the families who have lost loved ones out there. They will not be forgotten.


  10. Well done lads. Enjoy the beers ;)

    I hope I can get to at least one of those dates and cheer them - they deserve it.
  11. Well done lads. I'm so proud of every one of you. Have a few beers, shed a few tears, and joing the frontline club.
  12. My husband comes home on Sunday I am so proud of him and all the lads in the Btn, Welcome home all 1 R Anglians
  13. My 'hat is off' to this excellent battalion and the superb men in it.

    I hope that the casevac guys are recovering well and my thoughts and prayers are with those that paid the ultimate price and also with their families and friends.