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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The_Scottish_Kid, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. I might be in the wrong bit of the forums Guys, But can someone tell me what the diffrence is btween a Short Back Bergen And A Long Back One?


  2. Is this a wind up? Whatever, I'm still not going to bite...........
  3. lol, No wind Up Mate, Im A Civi, Im just doing a Project On Infantry, Its just a question lol.
  4. I think you misheard; it's short back and long back BACON!!!!!
  5. about 2 inches
  6. Long backed bergens are long (for tall people). Short back bergens are short (for shorter people with shorter backs).
  7. LMAO,

    Can no one just explain?

    Everyone has to be cocky about answers On a forum, Can no one just say, "Look mate.. You said THIS.... its ment to be THIS...."???

  8. Fallschirmjager


    I hate wehn noobs try to take the piss, Or just dont be to the point.

    Cheers Bud
  9. The long back has an integrated sleeping system (sleeping bag etc.)in it.... the short back is for the infantry - its reckoned they're so hard they don't need one.
  10. No probs. Long back bergens are w@nk BTW. Short backed bergens are much easier to tab with for infantry as the load doesn't sit 2 feet above your head..
  11. Serious reply.

    Both are Infantry Bergans (not to be confused with the other arms "combat handbag") with a capacity of 100 litres. One is meant for people over about (ISTR) 5 ft 8, and is taller but thinner, hence "long back", the other is for shorter people and is shorter and fatter (and easier to stuff an issue gonk sack in), hence "short back". The way to tell the difference is to count the padding panels on the back. ISTR the long one has 4, the short one 3 (I can check this later be counting the number on my long back). As I should reemphasise, both have the same capacity (100 litres).

    People are confusing the short back with the other arms Bergan, which has a much reduced capacity (something like 50 litres ISTR, but I've never really carried one).
  12. Not in this thread they're not. Are you confused?
  13. Guys,

    Thanks Alot, Very Helpfull In My Opinion :D,

    Another question Tho,

    I noticed a Picture the other day of a "Full Sergeant" In the House Hold Regiment/ Scots Guards Devision. The SGT had a "Pace" stick with him, I thought the pace stick was for CSM/RSM? Can anyone explain, Or is this a Tradition of the Guards,?
  14. Pace stick is used for a purpose.

    Serjeants Major will need them quite often, as would the WOII appointed Drill Sjt.

    Others (Sjt etc) may be assisting/learning/standing-in.

    Was it a long pace stick, or a short one?. Was it definitely a pace stick ?.
  15. It was a "Indian Rose Wood" Pace stick, Only used by the Scots Guards,

    And he was definetly a Sergeant,

    He was standing at the back on the Parade, But was definetly a Guardsman,