1 QOHldrs Munster era

Ex ORC 1 QO HLDRS in Buller Barracks Munster and now Secretary of QO HLDRS Regimental Association Highland Branch. You ex 2 Fd Regt RA then?

Oi! Smudge: Cabarfeidh not Caberfeidh! Caberfeidh is a flipping huge hairy dog! Take five!
EXBQMS: PM not working - drop me a line and I will see who we can find for you
This has been resolved.
My local landlord is ex QoH and served in Munster. PM me with details he may be able to help.


Bliddy hell! At least give a Regt so that some one can help.
Just like like the ' Oh I know someone from Glasgow, name of Jimmy, do you know him'
I served with 2 Fld a few years ago, your question fits!


oops! :oops:

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