1 Para... What became of "The Rat?"

Any Ex 1 Para let me know what became of The Rat (Persec Permitting) Heard a rumour the dear chap is no longer with us?

Please PM me with any info.
Pte Mc********........fecking legend, I'm pretty sure he was still cutting about the Battalion when I left in 1990. Stories about him being made up and bust several times during his time were handed down from Tom to Tom, he was supposed to have set fire to his bunk and but got inside his locker to get away from the flames... :D
Last I heard he was living in a car on Montgomery Lines Square. I made the mistake of introducing him to my better half during Para 90.

She's still traumatised....
I strongly suspect he didn't get his LS&GC! As Eggbanjo said... a fecking legend!
He was sighted at a stop over on route to stateside in a departure lounge by a young subbie from "One of them units from up the road", dressed in his normal attire of cut off faded Levis, piss contoured dessie boots and denim shirt.

Said subbie commented jesus theres that tramp from the High Street dosnt he get around....
I'd just arrived to 1 Para when The Rat was leaving.
The whole battalion was in the gym in Montgomery Lines to say goodbye to him.
I remember thinking "Is this what 22 years in the army gives you?".
He was stuttering and could hardly stand up, he reeked of alcohol and looked like a wet cat.
I felt concerned and a bit worried.
He looked like that all the time Howler.

Nice avatar by the way!

Shipman was in the prison boxing team before his suicide.

Apparantly he had a really lethal jab!
I drink with a fair few ex 1 Para blokes and funnily enough we were talking about The Rat the other day, apparently he was a top boxer in his day, I'll ask if they've got a sitrep on him. The amount of times I saw him in The George with his army issue suitcase on his way to Woolwich to the drying out clinic was mad, don't think he ever made it there!!
Yes I was in 1Para when the Rat was around and by all accounts he was a great boxer in his day. My mate was in Depot Para as a recruit when the Rat was in the Provo Staff in Depot. One night the Rat woke the whole block up and got them out on parade on Balloon Square where he threatened to drop the lot of them. Surprisingly he could hardly fuc_ing stand up. I never knew he had a drinking problem until I met him sober, however a good guy. There must be loads of tales about him. I would be interested to find out what became of him when he departed 1Para.

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