1 PARA to lose SFSG role?

So they've announced that SFSG is to cut by a sickening 66%. Is this true, and will this mean 1st battalion the parachute regiment won't be contributing troops anymore.


I assume you know that SFSG comprises of a lot more than just 1 battalion of meat&veg?
It's a tri service unit. I would suggest that no one will want to give up the kudos.

Expect all sorts of rumours to fly.
They're giving it to the STABs. When they actually recruit some. I've seen the bulk order for Animal Pak, Gatorade and North Face. Or was it Fat Face?


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Gosh. You don't mean a disproportionately large group of SF is no longer required? Or perhaps the whole concept of war has changed and small, independent units are the way forward for everyone?

Jolly confusing - do opine.

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surely SF should be scaled to the size of the donor force - so 22 SAS should be reduced platoon strength and much cheaper.

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