1 pair Lowa boots for sale - unwanted gift

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by FrankMac, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. 10 characters
  2. Size?
  3. Oops, sorry! Pretty important bit of info. Size 10. Apologies.
  4. what style are they??
  5. Unwanted gift; LOL, yeah.
  6. super camp, same as the others on here, but cheaper than his!

    Dragartist - you'll have to be a bit clearer, im a getting old see?
  7. Picture please.
  8. Do you have a size 8?
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    So, next time it kicks off, do you fancy a teamsy on JD Sports? 30-40 cos me Gran shifts the kit. PM me, yah?
  10. Cowboyjim - Google is your friend
    Jarrod - Yeah, but not in Lowa's! and no, you can't suck it.

    These have been brought and paid for (by a relative i might add), not looted!!
  11. Or issued by the QM???
  12. Cowboyjim - When you were serving, did the QM's put a big stamp on all the kit so that everyone could identify what was and wasn't issued ? Perhaps sprayed the NSN all over everything with line marker paint? Bizzare.

    Just to confirm for you. Not issued. Paid for. Given as a gift. Unwanted. Selling them on to spend it on something i need for forthcoming Op tour. Interested in buying them? Didn't think so.

    Civvies - I shit 'em.
  13. Oooo touchy - sign of guilt. Ref QM, no not always. I had boots issued for TELIC and HERRICK that had no stamp on. I shit civvies too. So how about a piccie to prove it??? :)
  14. Would anyone send £80 to a person they don't know from Adam, save for his dozen or so posts on a website, for a pair of unseen boots?


    Why don't you put them on E-bay?
  15. ******* hell! You offer a pair of boots for sale, and all of a sudden all the internet Poirot's assume they must be stolen/looted/issued etc. Does everyone selling on here receive the same level of suspicion and interrogation? @Onetap - Yeah, why would they? Hence why i offered to drop them off if the buyer is local. Or did you choose to ignore that bit? @Cowboyjim - Think about it, i could very easily post a pic of the said boots gained from anywhere on the net. However, if anyone wants to see what they look like, google it. I'm not going to spend time just to satisfy you, especially when you haven't even expressed an interest in buying them! and have you ever had to **** about with non-payers on Ebay? Good luck with that s(h)ite, but not for me thanks. Prefer to deal with my type of people if possible.

    Just to end this ******* saga (LOL) they are still available if anyone genuine is interested apart from the 2 already. (waiting for answer from 1st enquiry) Cheers.