1 out of 7 reservists to quit ??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bobos, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Daily Mail, Friday 31st mar. Page 45, just after the article on boiling babies and binge drinking. quote one in severn military reservists is on the verge of quitting due to poor leadershp and trainng, according to a report by the Whitehall spending watchdog.

    The national Audit Office warned that reserve forces are heavily under-strength and just one third are currently ready to go into battle.

    MPs warned that the situation is particularly serious since the regular armed forces have come to depend on the support of the reserves.

    One in eight soldiers fighting in Iraq - more than 12,000 troops - has come from the reserves. in the TA, manning levels are just 81 percent of requirments and the situation is even worse in specialist units like the medics........

    Around 25% said that they received inadequate training because courses have been cancelled. Some 40% cited 'poor leadership' as a reason for leaving.... unquote

    Totally agree with the last bit

    Any comments.
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. How many of us ticked the box to say they were leaving just to make our position look worse!
  4. There's no e in quit.

    I thought you meant that 1 in 7 reservists were too quiet!
  5. ... well in our unit I think if anyone quits, its because we are fed up with checking serial numbers off against lists..(two Wednesday's in March alone).

    Our management and PSI's seem to lack imagination.. We rarely see our officers, and when we do, they are usually planning something for their own benefit.

    Our PSI/Troop commanders have a week to think of/ or get someone to come up with a training event for a Wednesday,.. they can't even do that...

    That may be more like why people are leaving..

    I am also a Special,... its not paid, but an evening/weekend is generally much more interesting/rewarding,( I have 22 years of TA experience and I know which one I now prefer...

    If they paid Special's I think a few TA soldiers might try something more interesting!! By the way some forces are experimenting with paying Special's and the Police Federation is also fighting for pay for those that don't,(Holby's finest only get expenses). .
  6. I looked into becoming a Special, and I was very rudely told to go away and try to apply again when I've been in the UK for three years. Needless to say that put me off a little bit. All I did was ask if it was OK to apply as a foreigner! So how do you find time to be a Special and a TA soldier?
  7. I'd imagine quite easily. Most of the mainland constabulary's require 16 hours a month minimum (prepared to be corrected). Thats two 8 hour shifts - probably on a Friday or Saturday night so they (S.Constables) get all the 'excitement' - public order, how fun!
  8. Thats a real shame that they turned you away....especially if you were keen to join. I would definitely recommend applying when you are able.

    It has been a bit of a juggle, I normally do a Friday night, occasionally Saturday's for footy... but you literally do what you want, you are proper volunteer. The Regular's appreciate any help, normally very gratefully....
  9. ...hmmm, Friday night's.. never a dull moment!!!
  10. See, told you! :D

    It's true, we do appreciate the help and it amazes me you do it for free - good on you, apart from those of you too scared to actually make arrests!! Thankfully not the majority, keep up the good work!
  11. If they started paying specials I think you would get a mass exodus from the TA
  12. Some forces are trialling a bounty scheme, and I've heard, but I doubt very much, one of the Southern English forces are paying a monthly bounty of some type/kind.
  13. Just in case you are interested,I am a reservist(ex-reg) and am now in the fire service.I have received mobilisation papers,but must have my employers consent.They will not let me go,regardless of personal thoughts on whether it is right or wrong--that is not the issue.So if you ever thought we were all on the same side,it appears that the fire service senior management believe their empire is more important than anything else.
  14. I think that the fire service is a reserved occupation, i.e. you are exempt from your reserve liability and you cannot join the TA; always used to be the case anyway. So it's not just your bosses that that have a problem with it it's the legislators too,
  15. I've never understood why the police don't pay specials. Must be the only reserve force to work for nothing. I know some forces ae now offering a bounty, but they should stop p1ssing about and just pay them for time served.
    Are specials allowed to take the firearms course? I know they can do riot training as well as the "normal" police duties.