1 on 1

After watching Arrse for a while, I have come to a conclusion that may offend (sorry in advance).

If no one else has noticed one of the main people to dig into Anya is Lord Flash. Now this has got me thinking, does he do it for attention or does he secretly fancy wanting to bang Anya's back doors in and has to hide the fact

P.s. I know I am about to receive an incoming of hatred but its funny how he can not stop talking about her of recent.
Or it's a contraction of Pen-Y-FannieAnnie.

You could get half the Regiment pounding her dirt track for 3 1/2 hours, and her head would still be stuck in the clouds.
BlackHand said:
lancslad said:
sugarfree_gum said:
not only that I have a 6 fig salary which makes me even more fcuking lush
6 fig salary? Is that in thai baht or indonesian rupiah
000000- Baht, Rupiah, Pounds Stirling, US Dollars, Outer Mogolian Yak Turds: six zeros is still zero
tis very true & it don't take a great deal to get the girls in Hanoi wet - US$10 usually does the trick :)


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