1 Month Mobilisation?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MightyBigEgo, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. Found this on the RNR forum at Rumration:


    Apparently we're soon to be able to volunteer for mobilisation for periods specified by us ourselves. Anything upwards of a month will become acceptable. All you have to do is make it known that you're available and when and you'll be put on the list. When your speciality/experience matches up with a job somewhere you'll get the call.
    This apparently starts in June. In our unit they are putting together a list or volunteers for this very thing. We are told that we would be covered by the Reserve Forces Act the same as if we were called up.

    Now, granted this is the Navy and they have a different outlook on their reservists, ie they are recruited as IRs, but has anyone heard anything like this for the TA?
  2. Not so sure I'd want my employer knowing I'd put myself on a list with available dates etc. I'm pretty sure most bosses would take a very dim view of that.
  3. Unless your month included Xmas and New Year...
  4. It could only work on an IR basis and could not be used to sustain unit-sized taskings but this idea has at least been discussed at a fairly high level. I think that the top floor do realise that there is an as yet untapped number of reservists that would readily volunteer for shorter tours even if they were daisy-chained (two months in-theatre, one month back etc) but I wouldn't be surprised if the concept was borderline uneconomical given the administrative problems it would present.
  5. But apart from, I think, a Field hospital, an engineering unit, and Salamanca Coy, when have the we NOT been called up as IRs?
  6. A short tour of 1 or 2 months is something I’d jump at.

    I’m a contractor, if I were to disappear for a 6 month tour I’d loose my contacts and prospective employers would not be happy that I’d been out of the loop for 6 months +. Consequently I have no interest in volunteering any time soon but before anyone starts calling me a trench dodger, I am more than happy to be compulsory called up.
    However if I had the choice of a 1 or 2 month tour then I’d volunteer in between contract as 2 months out of civvy life wouldn’t hurt me at all.

    The TA would get more out of people like myself with shorter tours.
  7. Eh?
    The TA inf bns in the south of England have been sending collectivel pls and coys to afghan and iraq since 2003 (inc Eden and Roebuck coys).
    Even though they were collective units, the blokes were not IRs.
    My point is you can't have a revolving door month on, month off basis for an assigned unit task but you can for a bde HQ post etc.
  8. Spot on Goku...you are exactly the kind of reservist I meant. Sadly, I don't think it will happen anytime soon.
  9. msr

    msr LE

  10. I believe that the real issue is that the Army needs IRs - if the supply of 6 month + ones is drying up, they are looking at shorter tours (already done by the Medics I think) to plug the gaps. Hence Rebalancing - a more useable (for useable read trained, fit, 'sausage machined') TA - i.e. can be mobilised at shorter notice with less beat-up trg.

    In the end, it'll be like FTRS with vacancies that can be filled by suitable peope wishing to mobilise.
  11. This is kind of happening already. I certainly know of one bloke (a Maj) who last year was mobilised for around a month. He did a couple of days at Chilwell and then went out to Kabul acting as a Ground Liaison Officer to the RAF Harrier detachment for two weeks while someone went on leave. I think he was part of CVHQ.

    All that way and no medal. Sh!t one.

    And I also know that the RNR has been doing 'operational' camps for years. Bloke out of my work spent two weeks aboard a frigate in the Gulf in around 1998. He spent most of his time stopping oil tankers full of babyfood trying to get past the UN blockade.
  12. HVM boy. That is only for uber specialists. When I came back, it was with a half colonel NHS consultant. There were six of them in the Army. Regular and TA.

    Don't expect that sort of thing for the rest of us.
  13. Due to my own civvie career (corporate lawyer), I would prefer a 3 or 4 month tour inclusive of any build-up training. This would be far easier for my firm, and my missus, to digest.

    Let's pray for 'intelligent mobilisation' of those willing and able to offer skills but who must balance that against a demanding civvie career.
  14. When I talked to RAuxAF at Waddington about 24 months ago, there was already this flexibility in their mobilisation system.

    Again, if this is another version of FTRS then I presume your TA pay will not get made up to your equiv. civilian salary, Goku ?
  15. The GLO went on ex to Kabul, filling in for a gap in the plot. He was due to do two weeks but due to his replacement being unavoidably delayed he ended up doing 27 days. He had the good sense to ask to stay for three more days and so he qualified for his medal. That's what he told me in the bar.