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Outstanding said:
Whats it like in JHQ, good place, good single accn, good bints?
Good place, yes in my opinion,
good single accn, depends on rank, junior yes, senior no, officer indifferent,
good bints, well, plenty of RLC dockers on camp, plenty of knocking shops downtown.
Sounds good, I guess LOA is still flowing and that the tax fre car thing can still be done. Is it best to buy in Csands before leaving or can u get deals with NAAFI overthere?


Outstanding said:
Sounds good, I guess LOA is still flowing and that the tax fre car thing can still be done. Is it best to buy in Csands before leaving or can u get deals with NAAFI overthere?
Feck the Naafi, bunch of halfwit tosspots. Personally I'd wait till you get there and "tune in" to the car buying market, before deciding what to do. Time spent researching will definately save you a lot, both cash and stress!
get there first, then get a left hander (cheap and nasty) save for the Tax free one on your return!
Barlicks! Go out - do a bit of research, then buy something mental for the autobahn! Then get another one before you leave. Very few will make any profit these days so look to minimise your loss instead. Do not buy before you go - you'll find the same car for 5 grand less over there. Stay well away from NAAFI - they have a habit of asking for lots of money and not actually being all that good in my experience. Don't want to steer you in any particualr direction, but when you get there have a look in the Sixth Sense (Squaddie BFG newspaper) at the car section in the middle. There is an abundance of companies willin gto outdo eachother and offer you a ridiculous car for not very much money. Cars Direct is my favourite with not only awesome pre-sales (as one would expect) but also amazingly good after sales (something which a lot of them neglect).

1MI as a whole is cracking though, some good jobs and the heirachy there right up to the very top is fantastic. All good people.. As for job satisfaction, it really depends where you go to be honest and what you want to do. Not many of them around at the moment as you can imagine if you know who's there.

I never did get to move into the new Type-Z accn when I was there mind you, but I hear its really good. Not sure if they ever got the problem where you couln't get a phone line put in sorted though.

Some great places to go on the pi5s.. some of my favourites were Dusseldorf, Roermond and Geldern (E-Dry). MG's okay, but you'll get really bored with it really quickly and there as some top tiop nights to be had if you venture further afield.

JHQ itself is awesome. It has everything and anything you could ask for in a camp - even a forking petrol station and branch of the local bank ffs!

Top tip - get yourself down to the american PX and buy a Frank's Frank - Coney Island Style. Those hot dogs are so god damn goo I am actually tempted to get a flight back there just so I can have one.. or five. Mmmmmm.. hot dogs..... :p

If you want any more info about jobs, PM me.. anything about the camp and the environs, ask it here.
don't know anything about 1 MI, except that your CO is one of the finest blokes you could ever meet. best officer i have ever worked for, without question.
you are so boring.....are you licking his arrse coz you want a posting over there or promotion??

ah 1771 you know me so well!

actually i always get terribly complimentary after a nice bottle of red.

even you might get a nice word or two when i'm pissed ;)
However, I'll second CR's comments:

CO - Top Fella,
RSM - Even topper

Davros is right - Cars Direct good company. Currently purchasing new car from them and the pre-sales communication is vv good. FFS, stay away from the NAAFI. Even a tin of beans is over priced from there!
Christ - not this pseudo bum sex PM exhange again!

Sort em out 1771!
How big of you to bring up that small issue CR. I could've sworn that there was a post on this thread, that has now been removed. Is that the case or am I going mad (quack, beep, wibble etc etc)?

Outstanding; haven't ventured into the bowels of the puzzle palace, thankfully I'm not part of 1 MI Bde/Bn, but if you're going to JHQ on a FAS posting, you may be running/part* of a section/Coy* (*delete as applicable) of 1 and it's in those said cellars that the FAS posts are kept as there is no real estate as yet for the new posts that are coming on line.
anybody reading this would think we were obsessed with size in the int corps :)

big, small, fat, thin, short, tall - we're all just one happy family in the corps.

apart from the facking darksiders :)

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