Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ImTheChosenOne, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi, new to this, been reading for a while and have found some of the topics very amusing.

    Reason that I have logged on is that I require some advice. I have asked my CoC, but would also like to hear what the "people out there" think and get a feel for which Bn would be the most challenging and which one to avoid!!!!!!

    I have been outside the mainstream Corps for a few years and have been advised that if I wish to become more employable and promotable, I need to get posted to a Bn within 1 MI Bde. I have 12 months left in my current post and will be submitting a PPP in the coming months. I want to deploy, so that aspect does not bother me. I want a job that will be taxing and enjoyable. Location is not an issue as I am single. That said I am really unsure which Bn within 1 MI Bde I should put down as my first choice.

    Can any of you that are in 1 MI Bde give me any advice as to which Bn I should consider? Any thoughts would be welcome!
  2. Why? Whats so good about 2 then compared to 1 and 4?
  3. It's twice as good as 1 but only half as good as 4.............coat please, taxi awaits
  4. 1 = Germany = Lager = Whore Houses ...er anything else ?
  5. It's good to see the serious answers as to the good points and bad points flooding in! Well so far I'm off to Germany! Anyone beat that?
  6. yep, I'm in Germany already, which means youve still got the 'get fcuked around to get your car BFG'd' bit to come.
  7. Pick either of 1, 2 or 4 and your dream will come true!
  8. So are you saying that people only come to 1 MI Bde to deploy then? Are 1 MI Bde just a pool of manpower to to be used and abused? and does anoyone in the Bde have a proper day job then? Surely there must be other reasons to come to the Bde?

    Sorry for all these questions, just need to make the right choice!
  9. Come to 1 MI Bde and expect to deploy.
    1 MI Bde is a pool of manpower from which to FG to support ops.
    Everyone has a day job in 1 MI Bde apart from 2 MI whose day job is different from everybody elses.

    What more do you need?
  10. So what do 1 and 4 do then? It must be more exciting than 2 MI.
  11. 49(PARA) MI Bn in 2 MI( marsh intelligence) Bde.
  12. Try 3 or 5 (lots of time off).
  13. 1 MI, anywhere in 15 or 16 Coy. None of this CS pump.
  14. I always found Counter-Sabotage particularly rewarding.