1 MI Battalion Christmas Party

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. I've just been on the phone to a mate of mine - wine, women good food, good music and lots of fun - is this the same army as us poor uk based sods ?????
  2. Nope.. Not from my experience. 1MI socials were actually a cracking event where a bin load of about 100 people you hadn't seen for a few months would get together, get shedded and make a fool of themselves in their best black tie rig!

    Everyone back here in the UK seems to hate Christmas cheer and the like, opting for nothing more than minor unit socials where about five blokes will end up going for a meal then drinking beer in a pub till about midnight before staggering home to their empty beds. I know which one I'd rather be at... :/
  3. speak for your own location!
  4. Hey CR - when are we sharing the mince pie that Mrs CR made for us - can we buy more than one babysham this year ??
  5. you ungrateful git. when i think of all the hard-earned pennies i spent on your christmas box last year - and you didn't even work for me!!! :)
  6. Its ok you get your own back every day !! LOL

    I'm sick of the phone calls I'm getting about this bloody party - where is my PPP I want some of the action ;-)
  7. Some truly incredible boozin' goes on at 1MI this time of year. On JHQ there seems to be one do after another, it's nice to finally get away for Christmas for an attempt at drying out!