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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by livin_the_dream, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. posted to 1 mech shortly after my tour in telic. can any one tell me what it is like and if theres any future tours and exercises coming up. whats the seniors like and whats work like. also after renting a place any one know what the house or flat prices are going for cheers for any help
  2. Telic summer 2007 ???
  3. See you when you get there!!! 8)
  4. What rank range, trade are you, the actual signals sqn are just whipping boys for the staff. So yeah you'll have fun lots of guards regiments worth for a sqn size, and yeah as above Telic next yeah, rest of this year lots of excercise's new kit etc. want more let me know.
  5. yeh am a l/cpl r/s op oh sounds like fun so what else is there to know about the sqn then what exercises are coming up and is it all bowman now
  6. yep bowmans in, going through test ex. few more this year ready for deployment early next yeah.
    when you due to arrive.
  7. yeh due to arrive 4th of september thats not to bad then with bowman somethign different to work with any idea what troop i am with out giving names out over this
  8. Funny ideas about opsec....you've already told us your rank, trade and TOS date.
  9. I left w*nk mech last year some time, it's not to bad really. the lads are a really good bunch and will look out for you. the staff however have a tendancy to want to f*ck you over and the bde staff officers are all pricks. i hope you enjoy yourself though