1 Lt Watada - I Wont go.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. CM of Watada very soon. He is the first US officer who declined to board his plane to Iraq citing an unlawful war and thus unlawful order telling him to go.
    Much on the www but the local paper write-up sets out his stall and has some sensible comments to boot.
    He has voiced an attitude that seems to have a lot of support. Echoes here as to opinion sought by PoD re legality. I think that at the moment I've put Watada against the wall but I'm delaying the command 'Fire'
  2. FIRE
  3. That takes courage.
  4. Doubtless those American soldiers currently fighting in Iraq fully appreciate his show-boating...(sorry, "courage")
  5. Dishonourably discharge him, get him to pay back his salary and pay for his probably Mil education and throw him in jail.
    Let him be an example, why should he pick and choose, what is next, cannot carry out that order Sir, i beleive the enemy is armed and may shoot me.
  6. If a few more were like Watada, politicians like Bush and Blair would not get such an easy ride when wrapping themselves in their respective flags and appealing to some twisted notion of patriotism.
  7. Watada knew what he was in for when he volunteered. Thousands have deployed while being opposed to the war, but they know what they signed on for, understand that they signed the dotted line voluntarily and do what professional soldiers do. Nothing in Iraq rises to the level of the "following orders" defense of the Nuremburg trials (an argument he and his supporters have tried to foist on everyone) especially since court martials have resulted in prison for transgressers.

    While he has ever right to an opinion, by refusing to deploy he's lost the moral high ground. As an officer and junior leader he let down the soldiers in his platoon. There's no greater judgement against him than that in my opinion.
  8. I was going to add a comment of my own, but Gallowglass said everything I wanted to say.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Tend to agree - he's had almost 4 years to make a point by resigning. Nothing but showboating and deserves everything coming his way.
  10. Watada is a coward and a disgrace to all those in uniform and his country. As an officer he's let down all those Soldiers he's supposed to be leading. He deserves whatever punishment is due to him.
  11. A RAF doctor was court martialed for not going so hopefully this guy will get some of the same
  12. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Reading the comments posted below the Cape Cod article - looks like he could have an interesting jury: an even, 3 way split between Hawks, Doves and Chuck Norris worshippers.

    I don't fancy his chances.

    The Invasion of Iraq was never legalised by the U.N, but the USA just steamrollered over Kofi and the boys, and by the time KA got round to (politely) saying "That was a crime", it was too late.

    As a face-saving measure, and - I suppose - recognising that no bugger else had the wherewithal to think about doing the job, post-war US/Coalition ops in Iraq have a UN mandate.

    So, whatever your personal views about the rights and wrongs of the mess Bush is making in the mid-east, Watada's lawyers are going to have a tough job on their hands, and even with the US approval ratings showing nearly 70% against continuing involvement in Iraq, I wouldn't expect Watada to get much backing from Joe Public.
  13. At first, I was going to side with Watada, thinking back to my own views with regard to the invasion of Iraq. As the intention was to overthrow its government, an action not sanctioned by the UN, I considered the invasion as highly probably an illegal act and if ordered to attend, my conscience would have demanded that I formally recorded my objection to the order. Loyalty to my unit, which would have been outside the decision-making process, would also have prevented me from refusing to go.

    But that's the invasion.

    Post invasion, the scenario became one of peacekeeping (or making amends (not to be confused with atonement)), so subsequent presence ceased to have an air of illegality and my conscience was clear when I went. If you like, something needed to be done and we were best placed to do it.

    Watada's comments hold true, but only if the timing is right. These views, expressed on the eve of the invasion, would have been just. 3 years later, in very different circumstances, the comments cease to be relevant - he was aware of his government's policy but chose to remain in the Army until he was about to be deployed.

    So, mindful of the fact that the US Army deserves some return for the time and money spent training him, I'd bust him to PFC and give him a job as an unarmed CMT in one of the front line units. Surely he'd have no objections to that.
  14. It seems to me the bar is being lowered, and the normal checks and balances eroded with each war the US (and poodle) gets involved in.

    This 'War on Terror', which began a matter of hours after 9/11 (seems peculiar - see 9/11 posts passim) is in response to a threat that's been magnified beyond all proportion. It needs exposing for what it is - a red herring - immoral, fraudulent and a far greater propagator of death and destruction than the supposed threat it's been set up to counter.

    Watada's courageous to do what he's doing. He'll probably suffer the consequences. But every grain of doubt, no matter how small, placed in the minds of young Americans before they consider signing up for illegal invasions, (planned under the pretense of defending America) may deter some and therefore ultimately save more innocent lives across the world.
  15. Do you spout this sort of guff whilst standing in front of the mirror with the masses cheering you to the rafters ('the masses' being in your imagination)?