1 LSRs Got a New Sheriff!!

1 LSR has a new RSM, and hes old skool.

It seems like section commanders are going to be allowed to command their sections again in barracks as well as ex/ops.

Jnco's are not going to be allowed to socialise with the pte soldiers, and if there is an incident where jnco's are present and they turn a blind eye then they are going to be in the mire as well as the toms involved. If a pte f***s up in any way then his line manager(Sec Comd/2ic) will be responsible.

Guess what I say................... BRING IT ON!!!!! I cant wait. For years now I have had my job taken away from me by micromanaging SNCO's/Offrs at last I'm going to be able to earn my pay and manage my section as opposed to having a section on paper and being a glorified tom. I can see this sorting out "those that can" from "those that cant", and I hope that this shows those that promote "those that cant" what a mistake you've made.

On the flip side I can only see this being a good thing as long as those above realise that they are responsible too. There seems to be a lot of blame going the JNCO's way which is a little unfair. If a senior manager cant see the solution to the problem should he be in that job?.

Anyone else on the same briefing care to comment?
jonny_bored_bollox said:
1 LSR has a new RSM, and hes old skool.

If a pte f***s up in any way then his line manager(Sec Comd/2ic) will be responsible.
Not RLC myself but have been watching this thread as I have some mates up at PRB. A new RSM with some balls about him should be a step in the right direction but making a Sec Comd responsible for 'everything' a Pte does sounds a bit much to me.
Goon, if they fail in their duties, I don't know maybe they didn't check the block because their in shit state and hungover, would you be forwarding the details of said JNCOs to the Corps museum along with the Offrs from the school (you'll not be volunteering to run better)? Or do you think we should make an example of them and AGAI them?
Goon : RTFQ - what question?

Your regular occurence on a plane story whilst commendable illustrates my point exactly. In both cases individuals who should know better, who get paid more and enjoy privelidges commensurate with the discharge of their rank and responsibility were gripped for failing to live up to that mark. You gripped, good effort, what sort of individual who had pride in the organsiation and no desire to listen to yobbish behaviour wouldn't. I imagine the only other difference from your Sch of Log scenario was they weren't in uniform but were in public. The reverse I imagine for those you defend.

Once again if young soldiers have leaders who think the line is blurred that in turn will always overstep it. I guess that is sort of the line the DS within the Phase 2 establishment at Deepcut took? I don't know I wasn't there and have, along with others of this Fourm, only your decription of events to go by. In this case, as a grown up, I have a way to be convince that you don't operate one rule for the Offrs and another for the blokes.

They are the same incident old boy. I shall leave it as has been already pointed out I am sounding boring, repetitive and holy and aside from one issue where we differ on the punishment, we seem on the whole to agree with the way forward. I offer a truce to this so I do not spoil the forums point (as has already be pointed out).

Sorry to all, Cakes

(I have no tough military abbreviations to leave)
JBB - If what you said is true about him being 'old skool' is true then fair play to him. There have been too many RSMs lately who have just used the rank as a quick stepping stone to LE, and not provided the necessary discipline or top cover for the soldiers. Lets hope he does the biz.
jonny_bored_bollox said:
dpm - totally agree.
I'm not having that...we agree? lol
I know this bloke pretty well - he was my SSM at ATR P. He's got all the attributes of a good RSM. Firm but fair. And he's a top bloke to boot and really knows his stuff. Can't say enough good things about him - 1 LSR is really lucky - that Regiment's going to go from strength to strength. And boy can he give a boll*cking! Absoloutely awesome display... And he's certainly not a commission-chaser. He's the sort of bloke that takes life as it comes.

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