Discussion in 'RLC' started by GSSigs, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. I am heading to the Sandpit soon and have been offered a job as a driver rad op with 1LSR.

    can any give me a heads up to exactly what this role is doing?

    What are the chaps at 1LSR like?
  2. Is this a Whah? Or is this just a really BONE question?

    Call me a bluff old traditionalist, but the job of a Dvr RadOp is to drive and operate a radio.... or am I missing the point here? Will it be any different in Iraq? Do Dvr RadOps (because it's Iraq) suddenly have a complete role change and conduct demolitions or organise the post? Or perhaps they man the ice cream van?

    ooohhhh - Hello Sailor..........!!! Apparently they all give out and they'll even do reach arounds if you're good looking......

    May I suggest you actually ring someone in 1LSR and ask them? How about the Rad Troop for starters......

  3. And there was me thinking we'd done the 1 LSR RHQ thing to death. Time for one more gag..........
  4. In fairness though he says hes been offered a job as a Dvr Rad Op which would suggest he is currently something else.
  5. Or it could mean that he's TA, he's Dvr Rad Op trained, and he's seen a trawl/his PSI has suggested it, although our Driver RadOps who went out there didn't get a sniff of a radio.
  6. Thanks Mr Relaxed and Ford Prefect for you comments. Shame Bomb Doctor hasn’t realised that these forums are for questions and answers and not just sarky comments. Just hope he is the font of all knowledge and never needs a sensible answer.

    Yes, i am TA and have been offered the job on the trawl. I am RSigs. i can actually operate a radio and drive, so a driver radop job seems perfect!

    I was looking for some feedback from people who know the job on a day to day basis.

    Sounds simple enough to me!
  7. Ring 1LSR Rad Troop......... ask them....... What's 'sarky' about that??

    I was only mentioning the fact that you can't seem to put Driver and Rad Op together and come up with a job description.

    If you can't take a bit of banter - stay in the TA me 'ole Part-Timer - because you're going to be exposed to loads of it in Iraq. Especially after all the DvrRadOps see this thread and wonder why you're asking if they're gay or not....... 8O

    This is ARRSE........ Yes, the pages are for Q&A, but we're also allowed to be 'sarky' as much as we want - it's the law.... (unless you're going to tell me off). If you want a serious Q&A session, go look at the www.army.mod.uk careers website where you can "speak to a real soldier".

    AT/O = Font of all knowledge

    PS..... Enjoy the tour! :D
  8. So that's 2 of your brain cells occupied then.............

    AND hopefully not both activities at the same time, coz that's illegal (unless you have a Landrover 'handsfree' kit installed obviously).

    Don't mind me...... I'm just in a p1ss taking mood for some strange reason. :D :D :D

  9. Bomb Doctor, i dont mind a bit of banter. can handle myself ok.

    Thanks for the tip about calling 1LSR.
  10. Take no notice of AT's, heads up their arses anyway! You may go out to Telic as a ..........but find you actually do ......... A lot of our guys ended up doing Force Protection rather than their trade but best way is to find out when you get there.
  11. What's your trade? I'm curious to why you'd be asked to fill a post in an RLC Regiment, when there are Signals units all over the place?

    Speaking to 1LSR would be a good idea, although the better one would be to get your PSI to speak to the RSWO at 1LSR for you, and find out exactly what you're likely to end up doing. That also gives your PSI a chance to explain your background and experiences.
  12. 1 LSR is a good unit. The RSI there is a decent bloke who will keep you well worked and occupied. Give him a call (dial 192 ans ask for number). If you have problems, PM me and I'll give you the Mil ext.

  13. 1 LSR Greeeeeaat Unit!
    But i suppose you have got to be in it to win it.
  14. The 1 LSR RAD TP are a good bunch, and have a great laugh they work hard and play hard, but that means nothing its not the place or the people its what you make of it and your attitude towards the them once you arrive.

    if you work hard and like a laugh your proberly love it.
    if your a bit of a d**k and have attitude and stink of Pi*s why should people treat you any differently.

    i hope you enjoy it