Discussion in 'RLC' started by BaggyInBlack, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. Anyone at this unit? I'm posted there in the new year and would appreciate the low down. PM me for details.

    Hanx, Baggy.
  2. Large airfield, too many RLC together, too many officers (inc that cnut Goon Bde - maybe not at 1LSR but the same BFPO), too many stupid ideas floating around.

    Morale is better now than it was last time I visited (2003 officially, 2005 socially - that really was good!), so it may be on the up - you can always hope!
  3. Strange, the word from high above is that there are too many slack NCOs which is why the camp resembles something between the badlands and an inner city slum.

    Baggy, if you like litter, too much boozing, cars wheel spinning up and down the strip with hi-fis blaring, and lots of FAT SCRUFFY TW*TS hanging around the various pie-shops and avoding PT, sport or other extra curriclar activities, PRB is probably the place for you.

    Can't comment on 1 LSR, have never served there....2 is a fine regiment with an excellent RHQ and operational history, and FATBLERK, 1. Check your G2.
    2. Watch OPSEC and lets not get too personal!
  4. Question:

    Why have the SSMs / RSMs of Gut Garry not joined forces to smarten up / address the car issue etc and make the camp one to be proud of and respected?

    Too busy swanning up and down with pace sticks trying to get promoted / commisioned or too busy drowling over tax free cars and the possibility of making a grand or two in a desperate bid to fulfil their greed, perceived social status, and insecurities?

    Come on chaps forever raving about earning pop star wages .....now earn it.....sort that shower of sh1te out
  5. PG, hear hear, you are the voice of reason
  6. what is wrong with a wholly unjustified wage? If you could earn 30k a year for ensuring that your in-tray was perfectly parallel with the edge of your desk and that there was no dust on the port decanter then I'm sure you would.
  7. Dont get posted there, sign off, its crud!!!
    Read my topic on "the RLC according to me" ( would have put the link but dont know how )

    PG, what do you know about the RLC or Gut Garry? You seem to be quite opinionated about lots of things.
  8. I feel a tad sorry for the well-intentioned soul who asked, in all innocence, what serving with 1 LSR was going to be like. S/he will now probably be regretting the idea or will have gone elsewhere to find out. The posts, if I've got it right, cross what some folk seem to see as the great divide and so seem a fair representation of the perceived flaws in the unit. If thats so, could I draw your attention to the time-honoured right of each and every soldier from Buckshee through to the pocket General, to pull his or her feet in to the gauleiter and express what s/he thinks about things (together with a couple of stunning ideas on how to resolve the shortfalls!)
    I write this rather pompous (Only "rather" pompous? Thats a trifle unusual for me!)post because I'm a genuinely old git and have been on both sides of what I referred to as "the great divide". As a Tom and as a Rupert I have seen units turned around because someone has actually had the literal or metaphorical gonads to front up and say it and then act on it. The conventional wisdom is that change comes from the top but if the top doesn't know, the top needs to be told. If the top knows and does nothing about it, the top needs to be told. If the top is told and does nothing, go over the top and find a level to make it work. I've gone to the top as a Tom (and it was so long ago that I can't even remeber the details but we did stop wearing red tunics soon afterwards) and as a Rupert, I have had my blokes tell me in no uncertain ways that things needed gripping - and have gripped. Bottom line: 1 LSR or whatever, its your/our unit and we all have a part to play in making it what it should be.
    Right, old git rant over, dribble wiped from chin and keyboard, now...... wheres me tartan slippers..........
  9. Rickshaw, I am one of those who say it how it is and guess what, I get slated for it, people say I am a whinger when all im saying is the truth.
    I dont have answers on how to put things right if I did surely I would be the one at the top of the tree and not two thirds down.
    I expressed my opinion to one above the divide in my sqn and he listened to my views and then went on to say that "people do not like to hear how bad something is or how unhappy you are they want to see smiles and hear about the good points." What a load of bull. Things will never change or get better if all is whitewashed and made to look pretty.
  10. Ill put money on him being downgraded or excused PT / duties
  11. JBB,
    Hear you. Key to this thing is having the means to influence and carry the guy with you. If you don't have the answer but think your gauleiter may have, press the right buttons to make him/her come up with an answer. At the risk of sounding like a pretty B Class American management journal - get your boss to own the problem by playing to the emotional gallery and being seen as a willing ally and supporter......Gawd, this does read badly. PM me if you like and I'll try and come up with a few cunning wheezes.
  12. I aint down graded, but have been, twelve yrs ago after breaking both legs. Now fully fit and kicking arrse on BPFAs of those that were being born when i was in basic. Thats another problem of 1 LSR full of gobby kids that need a shoeing but would grass if you said boo to them.
  13. Kicking arse is going under 8mins and you are certainly not
  14. Agreed. But the only people we have to blame for this is ourselves...and the wretched 'walk-on-by-culture'

    I beleieve there's been a bit of a regime change in PRB and things are looking up???
  15. Do they still post RSMs there on their ability to ski, despite being inept? Attention being drawn to this fact during, say Div war fighting operations! Also am I right in thinking they have a problem with Adjts as well?

    That said, made some calls Baggy and apparently the Rad Tp has a great bar!