1 LG viewty going

Specs here

It's brand new and not out of the box. So get bidding. Bidding ends Friday 15th at 1500.

Sarge_Knows_Best said:
so y get rid of it
Because I can and it's doing some good, oh and I've got a spanking new iphone 3G in my grubby little mitts. :twisted:
It comes in at over 300 quid so there has to be some better offers than that.
100.01 with msr. I'd rather pay 150 quid myself and keep it.
Theres got to be a better offer than that.
Ord_Sgt said:
Theres got to be a better offer than that.
I'm sure MDN need this this phone as much as I do. Someone bid a decent price for goodness sake.
Did this go? I am in the market for one.

msr is the proud new owner of 1 viewty. You should have it tomorrow.

Thanks for the donation.

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