Discussion in 'Infantry' started by itchyscott, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. hey does any one know through friends or family where 1 lancs are based in afghan? searched the internet but can't seem to find much, cheers
  2. Why do you want to know? Opsec/Persec and all that...
  3. Yes.

    Explain why and what you want to know and I'll consider a PM.
  4. i didnt want postcode mate, i just wanted a rough idea
  5. I'm still not sure he gets the point...
  6. Southern Afghanistan... Rough enough?
  7. It's a laugh though isn't it? The Taliban know exactly where they are.
  8. Just spoken to my son and he says "Yip they are there too" Hope that helps
  9. Very true but Rules is Rules and I always think those that need to know where they are: Collaeagues, JPA team enemy fighting patrols :D always will know.

    Those that don't know are just being nosey.
  10. They are in sangin valley taking over from 3 rifles, as was released on the mod website - opsec Jesus some people need to get a grip.
  11. Well in that case, the OP must be a bit of an interweb mong then...
  12. Clarkson had a good rant about this a few months ago. Anyone with a genuine interest just can not find out what is going on there although all of the information is scattered across the public domain.
  13. i know where they are but not tellin, n there not in sangin
  14. They are deffinately not in Sangin, as a whole anyway. If they were in Sangin there would be a lot less bicycles than there are now with all them scousers/mancs around!