1 Lancs. Give it to me hard.

Discussion in 'REME' started by Crafty990, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. I'm posted to 1 Lancs nee QLR's, I've heard some less that encouraging rumours about them so I wanna know if anyone has been attached to them and what it's like.
  2. Damn fine bunch of chaps. As long as you have a sense of humour you will find them ok. Dont go bigging it up, you wont survive!!!
  3. Whatever you do don't mention your gap year job as a hotel receptionist.
  4. You will need a sense of humour with THIS lot .......seriously!

    :twisted: Enjoy glad im not you ![​IMG]

  5. not got any better then ah well im not there now

  6. It has not, will not and never ever will, a complete bunch of carp!The worst 3 years of the last 20 spent with these people,they say a snake is poisened from the head down and its ohhhhhhhhhh so true.
  7. Bugger me! That bad eh? Suppose if the regiment leaves us alone it won't be too bad. As long as the lad is full of good blokes.
  8. LAD as allways full of good blokes, regiment leave you alone.............................Mon to thurs then its duty time!!They will also constantly ignor/misunderstand you untill last minuet dot com and then as allways its the boys to the front to pull the regiment through......utter utter carp.............sign off , change posting, break leg for 3 years just try to avoid it , if you can't then treat it like an unavoidable head on collision and know theres sod all you can do and its going to hurt!!
  9. Not had any experience of them for a long time, but were always known by two nicknames "Quick lads run" & the ultimate insult "Queens Last Resort".

    I did a couple of battlegroups with them in the 80's, they were at best mediocre. I would like to think that things have changed since then, but I am unable to say if that is true. They are probably typical of a lot of Infantry Bn's who don't want to know the attached arms until a) There are duties to be done, or b) their kit is knackered.

  10. They are that bad ....individuals are fine with some really good blokes but as a whole NO! They dont like looking after kit until its needed and as usual the reme has to do everything for them at the last minute.Useless .............
  11. Had the misfortune of Med Man 1 last year as part of their Battle Group, I have never endured such an absolute fustercluck. Set off to a tactical replen, they couldn't even direct traffic, result was over 70 armd vehs driving in a circle, we only got re fuelled when it got light, not v tactical, I pity you working with that shower.
  12. yep was on that it wasnt too good but then again i cant say much as i required services of a reccy mech type one or three times

  13. I seem to recall it was more like 13 times lols

  14. maybe but at least my plan for handing over my vehicle at end ex worked :lol: :lol:
  15. seem to remember on that med man they were stopped from carrying live ammo ,they were that dangerous any body clarify this, oh yes and they tried to handover a 432 ambulance to me that had a complete rear idler missing a charging fault and no oil pressure and they wondered why i told them to naff off.