1 kings BERLIN 1951

After much coaxing and speaking to my mum about family i came on to the subject of my grandad who did national service, and she handed me 2 photo albums one with my grandads name but unfortunatley no number on the 1st line 1/kings regt baor 2 on the 2nd line and Berlin 19/50/51 on the 3rd line which i guess hes written wrong the 2nd photo album had no information unfortunatley, i am know jus wondering if any one can help me out since he died when i was 9 and never really had chance 2 speak 2 him, yet he was one of my biggest influences on joining the army. any information would be very greatly appreciated
Was it the kings liverpool regiment? i ask because they amalgamated with the manchesters to become the kings regiment in 1958 and were both in Berlin in 50/51 at spandau prison. My grandad was in the manchesters at this time ( i think) but is a scouser and calls himself a kingo confused? so am i but he only really talks about his service when he has had a few so my memory may be hazy can you see the cap badge on his pictures

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