1 inch very pistol

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by spiffy, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Is the 1 inch very pistol still on issue in the Army ? if not when was it withdrawn ?

    I'm sure it was still in use when I left in 1989.
  2. we used to have them on the chieftains, the good ole one inch magnum! But your point is?
  3. Are they still in service ? if not when were they withdrawn.
  4. Hi Boxxy the original poster of this didnt write anything and the box was blank, which is why I wrote WTF.

    Some weird shit happening here.

    I never been on a chieftain,

  5. Test.

    edit to add:
    Got it now. The original poster is invisible to me. I can't see "his" posts.
  6. did I pass?
  7. Had one in the tower at Detmold airfield in the 80s, always handy when someone comes barrelling in over the fence with his wheels up, (think Battle of Britain), as long as you remember to open the window before squeezing the trigger. Unlike the doris in the tower at RAF Marham who tried to attract the attention of a Victor crew before they blocked the runway. Fortunately everyone managed to duck as the red flare pinged off all the windows.
  8. just spilt my tea laughing,
  9. Pistol Signal No 1 (1 inch) is still in Service.
  10. ...and was pretty impressive in the direct fire mode...so I'm told
  11. Troll cloak. Log out and you'll see them.

    The original post:

  12. Thanks B_Z, tried that and it worked.
  13. Did the air farce not use the 1.5" Very pistol?

    (or were they all converted to Donk guns?)
  14. I once had a German Very pistol that was sleeved to a 12bore!!

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