1 in 6 Chavs die within 10 years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ferox_provincia, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. I think it's particularly sad that a large proportion of our nation's youth are left with little option but a life like this. Sure, they don't do much to extricate themselves from their predicament but they were failed before they left school by a very poor system that hooks them into a life of dependancy on benefits.
    Had I not been lucky enough to have the support of my parents at an important time in my life then I might have ended up that way. That and joining up which gave me a bloody good kicking and made a man of me.
    Not everyone is lucky enough to have the breaks.
    What does the future hold for this country when a large chunk of children (for that is what they are) are ending up dead of drink, drugs or violence before their time?

    All I can do is try my best to ensure that my children have the same opportunities my parents ensured for me.
  2. What a very sad state of affairs. How do that many people fall through the cracks?!
  3. Another reason why the armed forces budget should be increased. Allow more room for these type of lads to not turn to crime and instead do something decent with their lives.

    If we truly had a pro forces government who understood we are fighting a war in Afghanistan and are not walking around "Policing" the taliban then we could get our armed forces back to a realistic and suitable strength to meet the current challenges!
  4. Shocking! This doesn't say much for our society. For that matter, doesn't say much for the parenting skills of at least 2 generations. Is this a result of years of social welfare programmes?

    What can be done to repair the damage and prevent future generations from ending up like this?
  5. A mate in work said a corker the other day which sums this up:

    "Do you remember that scruffy thick fcuker at school who's dad was in prison... He's got two kids of his own now."
  6. They just do. Juniorslug is one of them. Fortunately my mum beat me and my brother into within an inch of our lives if we even looked at her the wrong way.

    We didn't end up too badly, less for that bit where someone looked at him funny, and he got a bit of pokey, but he learnt his lesson, and got on with it.

    It's the way life is now, I'm afraid to say. This time last year I was offering gobshites out in Catterick Tescos, tonight I still had the urge to give someone a bitch slap in the restaurant we went to, and then back hand them.

    I should have done it really, then run giggling away. If my zimmer could have got down the stairs in time.

    We aren't going to lose chavs, we can just attempt to make a lot more of them disappear. Mysteriously. Like on Scooby Doo. :twisted: :twisted:
  7. In Australia the 'non-person' is fast becoming more prevalent (if you believe the meeja) They are usually second-generation homeless and have no documentaiton whatsoever (birth certificate, driver's license etc.) Since they cannot draw social security benefits, or start a bank account without ID, they are firmly in a Catch 22 situation.

    The situation is compounded further by their usually being illiterate/innumerate and suffering from drug/alcohol/mental health problems. I used to work in the DSS (now 'Centrelink') and it's no f*ckin' joke, regardless of which side of the counter you're on. I am now on a 100% disability pension (thank you Centrelink, the gift that keeps on giving) and live in State Housing (8 year waiting list) so this kind of thing tends to attract my attention.
  8. I will kid you not, junior is now in a "facility", she has been there for about 8 weeks now, and I am so proud of her, so any cunt who wants to have a pop at me, her, my brother, my dog, fucking crack on. She has got degrees, has never joined the Army (we may have told her not to) but I am so proud of her. Bring it on kids. I am not bulletproof, but she is braver than me.

    Dale T xxx
  9. Oh, and I've got more medals than that nobhead chopsying off earlier.
  10. Dale, I wasn't having a go at you or anyone else, just saying that it's a dreadful state of affairs for a 'civilised' society. Who said something like 'the measure of a society is the way in which it treats its most vulnerable members'?
  11. Auscam, I know. People always think before their feet.

    Me, I apparently jump in face first, and there are only a few people that know what I do, and about my family life (YES SHE IS STILL DEAD)

    They can kiss my swede if they want to have a go. I've got bigger fish to fry and more things to worry about.

    Oh Fuck, am I going to get banned again?
  12. This is why Euthanasia is such a good idea.

    At least the welfare benefits bill is going down

    There was a great book I read years ago, I think called Churchill's Boys, about the great and the good (the honest hard working civvies), who quietly and annonymously started taking the chavs down and plod were in a dilema as crime fell and the streets were safe again. I wish I could find the book to read again.
  13. so that still means 5 are alive to breed. I have a Neet next door to me, has been on the dole for 12 years, maybe his days are numbered ?
  14. Well that will cut down the benefits bill