1 in 5 relationships are on the rocks

This story states 1 in 5 couples are on the verge of break up

On the Rocks

it would be interesting to know the stats for relationships within the forces, i knew numerous folk that split up due to the pressures of service life. My own marriage broke down as an indirect result of service life.

The reasons given in the report are the old favourite, infidelity, sex and abuse.

Are there any figures anywhere for breakdown in service relationships?


There may be an inofficial source or by poll for those in the service who have seperated (and how many times), but I don't think you'll get the true figure from any source that's worth a damn.

I'm still on my first one after 17 years, which is way over any average for a European country. I see a lot of the destruction that seperation causes in the Forces, debts, paternaty suits, etc and the reasons are too many to mention.

I believe that the one I see that fits the Forces more-so than the Nation:

Young sweethearts, one joins the Forces, after Phase 1/2 gets Assigned overseas. Keeps in touch with partner, sees him/her on leave, has more money than his/her mates, Serving person gets peed off living in block decides to marry (teens/early 20s). Brings spouse over to mainland, sticks him/her in a MQ then buggers off for 6 months on tour. Partner (who's still in puberty) surrounded with no friends and loads of single individuals who are likewise still using Clearasil. Resultant fling produces nasty break-up and years of debt recovery. NEXT.

You will probably hear others speak of 'she knew she was marrying a Squaddie', this is true to an extent. But with all the previous strings on Standard of Accn, Pay etc I don't blame some of them who aren't ready for the PADS life.

As far as the other reasons stated:

SEX, after being married 17 years I feel like Santa (once a yr).

ABUSE, or is it pre emptive Self Defense.
There's a relationship on the rocks at Land...Clover-Brealey!


Yes, surge of action for divorce lawyers sounds about right.

I know somebody whose marriage has been very rocky for some time and had finally decided that divorce was the only option.

Timing, delivery and execution could have been better. As I understand it, on Christmas Eve he took something of a load on board, harsh words were spoken and being under the influence just sort of blurted it out. Wrong time, wrong place.

Her parents and sister were staying for Christmas and it turned into a complete train wreck. Packed his kit and rolled out into the darkness. Merry Christmas indeed :roll:

Only redeeming feature was no children and none on the way (that he knows of at least)

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