1 in 4 US teenage girls have had an STD

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HarryPalmer, Mar 12, 2008.

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  2. Sh1t, better cancel that holiday then.
  3. Went on a diving exped to Florida and decided for obvious reasons to coincide it with spring break, got talking to some british expats out there and were told that gonorrhea is thought of in the same way as a common cold at colleges. Glove up became the exped motto.
    Real good 5 weeks that was
  4. Any other countries got similiar results? Is 1 in 4 way high (as I would assume), or is it the global average?
  5. Typical yanks, they end up getting a non fatal std and can still continue breeding
  6. For an aids riddled country, condom use is not as high as it ought to be in the USA. This is particularly true of the black population (bourne out by the results of the study quoted). Although the study concentrates on females (because they're all dirrrty little Ho's) the real culprits are black teenage males who still regard the sensible precaution of condoms as being uncool yet think bedding numerous females makes them real men. This is also evidenced in the US Army by a high rate of young single mothers, again mostly black. This is not racism, it is an observation of reality.
  7. 1 in 4 US teenage girls have had an STD?

    Isn't the punchline - so only fcuk the ones who cough?
  8. i wondered what that itch was.
  9. Just think of the fun your gonna have with the ones that don't have std. Right good in the sack are these teenage yanks. Good head and swalow comes to mind.
  10. If it ws the same 50 odd years ago it probably explains the hereditary mental state of a certain Mr Bush, I mean if she did'nt take the tablets and it is supposed to send you nuts if not treated.
  11. I blame their parents.

    Mofos! :twisted: