1 in 4 get A grades as words are removed from the dictionary

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by londonirish, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. Evening Standard....."As one in four A Level students get A grades this summer, OFSTED is denying claims that exams are becoming easier.

    Barry Stule, of Parents Against Easy Tests (PAET) said "This is just another example of the Government's crazy left wing agenda, trying to persuade people that everyone is a genius. With these kind of results, no one will want to sweep the streets, become plumbers or be dinner-ladies".

    Kelvin Bernstein-Singh of OFSTED responded saying “People like Mr. Stule would like to see Britain in the 1950's with Dad wearing a tie at Sunday lunch".

    The furore has provided a smokescreen to a development that many see as even more insidious, with OFSTED recommending that words such as “obfuscation”, “disingenuous” and “gullible” are removed from next year's dictionaries"

    for God's sake what are they doing?
  2. Please tell me somebody made that up and he didn't actually say that...
  3. I referr you to the last line of the last sentence
  4. Welcome to the world of Nue Lairbour.

    At the end of the 70's the socialists realised that the general population would never be stupid enough to elect a socialist government again. To get around this small problem they turned to the already politicised teaching unions and got them to conduct social engineering on a vast scale.

    Teaching was dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and the massive failures of the post-war socialist governments was swept under the carpet of badly taught history lessons.

    The public forgot the 3 day week and rubbish mountains in the street. They forgot the corpses rotting outside of morgues and the intermittent power supply and the collapse of Sterling (it used to be 4 USD=1GBP). Liarbour got elected and have ensured they have remained in power by bringing over 1 million extra people onto the State payroll. Gordon Brown, in his attack on the hated English middle-class has turned many into supplicants to the State. Even soldiers have to claim 'tax credits' in order to survive. Will these million plus people ever vote for someone other than Liarbour? Unlikely as they know that any decent leader will destroy their comfortable non-job existence with the massive index-linked pension.

    So there you have it: the education of the youth has been destroyed in order to create generations of illiterate and ignorant chavs who will always vote for Tonee.

    What was that? Am I wearing a tin-foil hat? How did you guess? Are you watching me?
  5. And despite A grades now making up 25% of A levels results the adverts in the broadsheets yesterday claimed you only needed 3 C's to become an officer!

  6. Which means yet more regional accents in the Mess, I say, poor show
  7. Not in the TA you don't.
  8. Good post, esp ref the largesse of the state. Why tax credits, rather than a loweing of the tax threshold? Firstly so that you have the impression that you are receiving something from the government (note that NL is trying to buy the middle classes of- you can claim child tax credit for incomes up to 60k). Secondly so that they don't appear as a benefit and show up in social security spending.

    IN some parts of the UK state dependency- ie people employed directly by the state or in relying on benefits for their income is comparable to the old East Germany.
  9. I can't see how they can deny that exams are becoming easier.

    Personally I couldn't care less though, as it will achieve nothing at the end of the day. They may all get to University, they may all gain a degree, but they'll all still have to compete with each other for the same jobs and as they will all appear none better than the next, they'll be f*cking p*ssed off when they find it hard to get work.

    All this sh*te does is devalue the worth of the qualification. It will have a knock on effect to Universities though. Mind you, having seen some of the degrees on offer, will it matter?
  10. All good comments, but to keep things on thread, I think the Evening Standard is right, the issue of lots of A grades is bad.

    But standards will get even worse with the removal of words like "disingenous" and "gullible" from the dictionary. How dare they?
  11. This should be seen for what it is: a disingenuous attempt to obfuscate the gullible. Still, as long as they leave "antidisestablishmentarianism" alone.
  12. They have realised that there is no demarkation between Alevel grades and thus plan to introduce an A* grade.

    Call me stupid but why not keep an A as an A, and mark everyone else down accordingly?

    Or is it just me being thick?
  13. well spotted
  14. Cos if you mark them down your are apparantly gonna hurt the poor little kiddies feelings, and it's probably against there 'Human rights'.
  15. Because A* is one louder...