1 in 11 prisoners ex-Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Countryman, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. Telegraph Report

  2. They should be taken out of prison and given the help they need, especialy if they have PTSD or Drug/Achohol Problems. They serve in a warzone and how does the government repay them? They put them in prison. :x
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Who cares? they've done their job made it back and the gubment isnt interested its easier and more convenient just to lock them up.

    If anything is going to happen its going to happen because we make it happen and by we I me WE, US. ARRSE, BAFF , The Legion, H4H.

    Thats the only way that anything is going to get done about this, and something needs to be done.
  4. Having put some of them behind bars myself in the past I would disagree with some of your comments. However Mrs B Works at the local HMP and she works especialy hard with the ex service guys with drug and substance misuse problems. The biggest problem a lot of the guys face is lack of contact with the service charities, ie RBL etc due to security issues at the nick. Maybe it's time HMP started to look at a bit of dedicated support for the guys in the form of faster security check and appovals for service charity visitors
  5. Whilst I sympathise with them I believe we should all be responsible for our own actions.

    Prison might be the best thing for them, personally it would make me wonder where I'd gone wrong and motivate me to sort my life out.

    Help should be provided before it gets to that stage though, not just the MOD or charities , I know if one of my serving mates were struggling there's always a spare room at mine they would be more than welcome to.
  6. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    There is a programme for SSAFA & RBL. I'll post details when I sober up!!
  7. Quality! Cheers for that, any info will be passed to the CDS (Chief of Domestic Staff)

    Maybe CARAT services need to be informed of the programme as they seem to be trying to use it the most. A certain SSAFA regional Office could do also with more info as well as they seem to be naff all help on occasions were HMP is mentioned by the CARAT team. :evil:
  8. I'm sorry, but didn't any of these chaps listen to their DS during escape and evasion training?

    I blame the instructors.
  9. Or more to the point.
    Is Anyone 'Normal' on leaving HM Forces, mean to say I do wonder how many ex 'Brickies, or Factory workers' haunt their old job related web sites years later.
  10. oh I dunno, I used to be a gigolo, in America, and still watch the film :D
  11. Here's another article on the problem. Provides an interesting analysis of who is most vulnerable.

    Mental health care in the U.K. is generally appalling due to gross underfunding. Back when they shut down alot of the mental health hospitals in the 80's and 90's the streets were flooded with ill people with no where to go. This has to change and I think that servicemen in particular should be given priority in return for they have given to their country.

    Any remedy is going to cost money, where's it going to come from? For a start: imagine what the 10 mil the govt is currently considering for the Titian paintings could achieve if it was instead spent on something that in my opinion is of greater tangible benefit to the U.K.

    Leaving aside considerations regarding the benefit to the U.K. as a whole, it is simply the moral duty of the state to look after the guys when they come home. A duty thus far that has been thoroughly shirked.

  12. Most of the "ex" that I've met have no recollection of their reg. number,or their corps/reg motto---- I find it hard to believe.

    They can normally be caught out as "walts"within minutes
  13. PS>
    Reason is,they could be all on drugs. :(
  14. oldbaldy

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    Two Pdf bits:


    My brother was working resettlement in his prison and knew nothing about it until I told him so I think the prison serice have not advertised it very well to their officers. I do know though that adverts have been in the prisoners newletters, can't remember what it's called.