1) Impressive Medals and 2) War Heroes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gas Gas Gas, Apr 28, 2003.

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  1. 1) Writing as one with two medals that purely denote that I have been around for a bit (TD with clasp & the Golden Jubilee), which chest furniture really impresses you?

    The most obvious number one is the VC.  I have only met one VC to chat with, the late Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, when he visited my RHQ.  I later attended the Queen Mum’s 90th birthday parade at Horseguards.  Immediately behind my contingent was the VC & GC Association.  Unfortunately(ish), I was recently engaged (therefore "loved up") and shot off to meet my fiancée rather than having a chat with some really impressive gentlemen.

    2) I take it I am not alone in thinking the usage of the word hero  in the same sentence as "footballer/pop star/actor" by the media is a gross insult.  I recently encouraged my children to watch Reach for the Sky, the film portrayal of Douglas Bader’s wartime exploits.  I hoped it might give a better example of the real meaning of the word hero than anything they are likely to see in their lifetimes.  It also gave me a chance to rummage under the stairs to find a menu autographed by one of my childhood heroes.

    Whilst I am sure Afghanistan and GW2 have & will throw up some heroic deeds, I doubt the individuals concerned will get the attention they deserve by the public at large.  A combination of modesty/security on one hand and the "liberal establishment’s" dislike of the Armed Forces on the other.  
  2. Military Honours - MBE... An acquaintance of mine got one recently. Must say it depends what you get it for, but this particular gent, whilst having criticisms for many people, in no uncertain terms, is a top bloke. His actions to get him the MBE really were beyond the call  of duty.

    Plus it looks really nice on his Mess Dress. :)
  3. All well and good but medals don't get you a job when you leave........[​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    How true, I wore mine on my first interview and they called me a baby killer and chucked me out- Civvies don't like it!
  5. QMAN - What sort of job were you going for and where?  Not a social worker in Lambeth?

    Following on from 2) we have a BBC story:

    Marine awarded Military Cross

    A Royal Marine has become the youngest non-officer to be awarded one of Britain's highest military honours.


    If you want to look up any gallantry awards during WW1 & WW2, the London Gazette has an online search facility at:

  6. We had a teacher at school who was a real eccentric-we loved him and the rest of the staff hated him for it-come remebrance day he would rock up with DSO DFC and bar and about a dozen campaing medals-no comment needed-just read the campaign names.

    that said-medals do not always prove what you have done-It is frequently coincidence that people end up on medal earning ops.  Less than half the Army will get GW2 medals and those that wern't sent are no less brave, willing or professional
  7. http://www.army.mod.uk/servingsoldier/honours_and_awards/criteria_for_awards.htm

    the above link I was looking through it and noticed halfway down the page,  under Decorations sub-header in the V.C. section and realised I was actually a year late in the Conflict as Lt. Col jones and Sgt. McKay were awarded the medals in 1981...

    I have informed them of their mistake on the year, or I have lost the plot, and I got it wrong but I am sure I was there!!.

    But I would expect better from an official Army website about things like that.
  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. R U kidding us, Q Man?  Please tell more.  What type of job?
  10. Could anyone tell me how I can apply for an MBE?

    When I was serving in Bosnia many moons ago, we were involved on a time critical task building a bridge for some elections that were about to take place.

    One of our Full screws took the 10 hour round-trip to the Engineer resources park in Split to run through the stores lists and personally make sure that everything was present for the build . He then brought the whole lot back up country in a 6 vehicle convoy, just in the nick of time to get the thing constructed.

    A day later the sh1t hit the fan because the OC's TA mate, who was the I/C of the stores park was not back from R&R and it was supposed to be all arranged by him, not some minion working off his own initiative.

    The day of the opening, Media ops turned up to take some photos of the troop tidying up etc and allowing traffic through.  Suddenly our OC turns up with some bloke who looked about 90 with a HLS for a beret and starts getting his picky taken on/over/by the bridge.

    A couple of months later, I saw the geezer in Soldier magazine next to the Bridge with an article about how he saved the day and organised the bridge bla, bla and was awarded an MBE.  They even named the bridge after him???

    Now can someone tell me the criteria again??
  11. I'm a civvy but can i have a a go? I love guesssing games..
    A funny handshake? ::)

    From the very few stories I've heard the way medals are awarded are influenced at least by rank.
    My late ex father-in-law was a Royal Navy Diver and did 90%+ of the work in defusing a bomb in a London Dock many years ago. He was honoured with the B.E.M but his boss got a higher award!
  12. such is the way of the world , there always be an upper class  ::) its not right i know and honestly think it should be the other way round VCs, MBEs OBEs given to lower ranks for the hard work and lesser awards for the officers who did nothing unless they did roll up their sleeves and get stuck in then they deserve their medal also
  13. Sorry BB,

    I sometimes use a funny handshake but it doesn't do me any favours ;)
  14. LOL. Qman are you sure they weren't taking the pi55 out of you for wearing your gongs?? ;D

    What sort of job interview (civvie) would you wear medals for?

    Oh ex dvr you haven't fallen off your horse mate, June 82..........
  15. LOL. Qman are you sure they weren't taking the pi55 out of you for wearing your gongs?? ;D

    What sort of job interview (civvie) would you wear medals for?

    Oh ex dvr you haven't fallen off your horse mate, June 82..........

    ps My choice would have to be VC