1 drowning seagull. 5 Fire engines. 25 Firemen. Result=?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by redshift, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Nah, I couldn't give a toss about the seagull, just the whole idiocy of the thing.
  2. It would have been quicker to just shoot it.

    Christ, I know Carshalton, and the ponds. What a ******* joke!
  3. And made more sense. ******* horrible shitty things.
  4. Firemen? ;-)
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  5. In responce, a letter by the Chief Water Squirter to the Daily Hate...

    Dear Sir,

    Your story “Elf n’ Safety Bird Brains!” (13 April) was, quite frankly, a complete misrepresentation of the facts. Firefighters were not stopped from entering the water due to any health and safety protocols. They were unnecessarily called out to reports of a seagull in distress. Upon arriving at the scene and realising the seagull was fine, they left.

    Firefighters know better than to waste their time on such trivial matters and were at the scene for around seven minutes, not the 60 minutes you suggest.

    Just this week, our firefighters were called to rescue a man after the bulldozer he was driving fell into a quarry. When they realised the man’s life was at risk, crews acted outside of normal procedures and risked their own personal safety to lift him out and save his life.

    This is proof, if any were needed, that firefighters are not unduly bound by health and safety rules. They are trained to make difficult judgement calls about when it is right to risk their lives in order to save another.

    Ron Dobson, Commissioner, London Fire Brigade
  6. In your face! Biatch!
  7. 3ft of water, thats deep for the ponds it was about 1ft when a car went in the ponds last year, very dodgy if you drive to close to the side, more so with lorries going past!! But elf & safety has just so fucked up in the last few years.

    They could have called the TA (Stoncotthill or Croydon) to save it.
    And would have been great PR, after all if theirs a fire strike, fuel strike or lazy ***** striking the Army are normally called out!!!!
  8. When and where did that happen then?
  9. As another individual familiar with the ponds in question, the other issue I suspect is that five fire tenders (at least four more than needed, even if one concedes the FB turning up in the first place for a distressed seagull) cannot but have totally buggered up the traffic through the area. Distinct lack of verges and whatnot on which to pull over, very narrow road through Carshalton village, murder with buses and HGVs at the best of times. Might have excited some of the convent schoolgirls next door to have so many hunky heroes posing around, but otherwise I suspect the locals most relieved once the FB moved on.

  10. Dirty Scabbing bastards!
  11. Not a fire, but They did refuse to come out to a car crash in Yorkshire. Two of them (Thankfully) saw sense, Broke the picket and went out to cut some poor chap out of his car. If those two didn't have the moral courage to stand up and effectively tell their colleagues to do one that chap probably would have died. There are more than 2 Firefighters to a station so why did the rest of them refuse to attend? ******* is all I can say about most firefighters (Bar the two I mentioned)
  12. NEVER let the truth get in the way of a load of bollocks!
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  13. Reading that Wail article - Where 'elf and saftey rules stop a rescue and the person subsequently dies...who's responsible ?