Discussion in 'REME' started by Devilishdave, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. There is a new one-day PAAB; apparently they have dropped the following:

    Gun Run
    Written appreciation

    I am not an expert on the subject just heard about it second hand. Can any one throw more light on the subject?

    Is this the way forwards?

    Are they going to move away from the class 1 PAAB attempt?

  2. Its all in the January craftmag Dave.
  3. One more nail in the Corps' technical coffin... I expect soon that PAAB passes will be handed out upon signing up at ACIO.
  4. Am I correct in thinking that they are prolly some of the most important aspects of the thing and that the whole idea might be a bad one?
  5. whats the differance who goes on to the tiffy coarse isnt as if they they have to use any technical merit to pass, cant beat a cd rom pass back
  6. If the new PAAB we're to come into affect will this mean those who were graded poor for the

    Gun Run
    Written appreciation

    previously on an old PAAB but were graded satisfactory for the remainder could apply for a redress, thus now possibly receiving a pass and relieving this shortfall in candidates, obviously these 'tests' are no longer required and the 'gold standard' we are constantly preached to about no longer applies for tiffy's.
  7. If there's a Gold standard for tiffies, I'll be taking my wages in Sovereigns from now on, thankyou very much...
  8. Well the Corps seems to consider Tiffy's to have the power to walk on water, guess they'll be issue with waders from now on!
  9. Surely any change is for the better or else why fix something that's not broken?

    We should embrace the changes and move forward!
    Onward and upward's what I say

  10. Good point why fix something that’s not broken. The old Tiffy selection system that involved commander ES interviews Tiffy books and 3 day PAABs on the whole produced good Tiffys. The odd bad one will slip threw the net but you will always get that. All change is not good, that is naive comment at best.

    As it stands you don’t even have to be motivated in the slightest to get on a PAAB it is given to you on a plate.

    The reason the Artificer system was made easier in my opinion is down to pay 2000. After pay 2000 and the opening of warrant slots to artisans suddenly the artificer system does not look so attractive. If you genuinely believe you are good at what you do you will get your warrant anyway.

    It is widely thought that some senior REME commanders change things just to be seen to do something and leave their mark. I am all for continuous evolution of the corps but we seam to be getting a continuous devolution instead particularly where trades and the standard of our managers is concerned

    Will issuing waders be cost effective?

  11. Failed on the essay writing did we? unless you thought the 'coarse' was rough!!

    Started as B Mech - (failed) Transferred to U mech - ( ??? ) Now an A mech (probably think a TN54 is a fighter plane) - You are the complete tool!
  12. I recon they changed the format cos the numbers applying fell off.
    When paycut 2000 was brough in people suddenly caught on to the fact that a Tech Stmn got paid the same as the VM. Why would any sane person want to work in poor conditions in the pi**ing rain to fix a vehicle for an ungrateful bas***d with the wrong tools for the job when you could be sitting in a nice warm stores vehicle for the same money and promotion prospects. loads of guys are jumping ship to the non feeder trades, hence the lack of attendance at PAAB.

    Bring back the incentives and maybe the numbers will rise. How long before the 1 day PAAB is done away with and people get recommended for Art Trg from the class 1 cse report and CR's?????
  13. The Austrialian RAEME don't bother with a PAAB, it is exactly that recommended. Why not? We are all paid pretty much the same, why not save the time and effort of messing around with the PAAB and get on with it. Did the Artisans that got their warrant need a PAAB, no they where perhaps held back because they didn't pass (ok PC correct, achieve the reqd stnadard) or attend, but if they is good enough now why didnt we groom then earlier on to bigger and better things?

    Anyway its the thin end of the wedge for the corps. And his Lordship in Dec crafty involving and upsetting the RLC in our business is but another example.

    Is there any more kit fixed? with either system?
  14. I agree DD. I have seen figures that show that the financial reward for completing the 18 month long tiffy course has been massively eroded in the last few years. So, why give up all your time for a very hard course if you will not be paid for it?

    And you no longer need to be a tiffy to reach WO2. So, why bother with tiffy? Answers on a postcard, please!

    I've had a bad day and I am going to lie down in a dark room......

  15. Hard course? cutting pasting and cheating cant be that hard surely?
    Granted i did fail my PAAB lol.