1 CSMR on the move

I hear that 1 CSMR Meunster are moving to Osnatraz in the near future. I find this rather strange as i believe that Osnatraz including Meunster will be closing down lock stock and barrel in about 5 to 7 years time.

Anyone out there have any input ?
i am posted to traz, and i was told it is closing down in 2008 and all moving to munster, and the rest that cant fit there are going to gutersloh. dont know how true it is though!!
No, everyone's going to get posted to Hameln, where a pi*sed piper from Glasgow will play his flute and you will all follow him into a large cave which will close up on everyone but one, (a novel form of Whole Fleet Management), stranding a fat biff on crutches as the only remaining member of the garrison, and who will later become Town Major.

Or did I dream it?

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