1 CS MR (A 29 MED SQN)

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Valley, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi
    Just wondering if anyone has served in A 29 Med Sqn. What is was like previously and at Present.
  2. it was the best sqn in the regt, but regt are soon to pack up and travel north to join them
  3. Not so now matey, and the rest of the Regt won't be moving anywhere until we find out about IMSB
  4. whats (C 31 MED SQN) like am going there soon?
  5. the IMSB is alredy confirmed, D sqn is going up 2 hohne 2 form 2 Med Regt with A sqn....
    D sqn will definatly put a bit of realism into A sqn.....all in all A and C sqn are both a bit FISH and CHIP!!!!
    good luck with ur new posting!!!!
  6. what's imsb? and does this thread mean there will be 2 germany postings in a med reg?
  7. There has always been 2 postings for a CMT 2 in Germany, same regt just A Sqn is up in Hohne and B, C, D, and HQ i in Muenster
  8. Improved medical Support to Brigades, embedded Med Sqns/Regts within deployable Brigades - AFAs to us old hands.

    Brought to you by the Wheel re-inventing Section!
  9. hmmmm that lasted long then! wasnt it only about 5 years ago they got rid of them?
  10. Hope yellow is your favourite colour!!! :D
  11. I like blue, no red!
  12. Pink for me, deary
  13. i was there sept 04 til jan 06.was a quality sqn to be in then.
  14. Good times Bruv, good times!
  15. There are more people walking round 1 CS with pacesticks than there were at Keogh in the 80's but the only things Ive seen on the parade square are cars.