1 Cheshires Ex Trumpet Dance 1996


Hi all,

I am ex 2 Royal Anglian and was attached to 1 cheshire for the exercise mentioned above in 1996. I am wondering if any of the following are still about Fenny ex Corporal Fenton, Vickery(Vicks) Private and Hughes(Private) was in A coy. There was some TA sherwood Foresters also attached for the excerise. Good ex and great laugh on the pop. If anyone remembers drop us a line, does anyone also remember two of our lads 2 Royal Anglian going awol on r&r? They wher caught and dealt within the Battalion. Cheers all.

Ex 1 Royal Anglian was on Exercise Trumpet Dance in 1995..I'm sure I known you Tommo was you with us for Belfast 96?

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